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What I am Thankful For 2019 Edition…

It’s that time of the year again and once more I’m staffing our licensed, advanced cell culture facility in Grand Cayman.  What’s it like to be out of the country for Thanksgiving? So what am I thankful for? Out of the US for a US Holiday? I’ve been staffing our licensed advanced culture expansion site…
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The Great Disc Slide Caper: East West Health Review

I have been chasing my disc slides around the Internet all year. They are being used by various fake stem cell clinics as a marketing tool, even though these clinics can’t replicate what was done to produce those results. That brings us to a review of East West Health, an acupuncture clinic that purports to…
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More Exosome Insanity: Genisent Labs and Extensive Medical Marketing

I get sent things all the time. This past week I was sent flyers on yet another”exosome” product made by Genisent Labs and this one came with actual treatment protocols. You just can’t make this stuff up. Let’s dig in! What are Exosomes? Exosomes are the latest buzz word in regenerative medicine. The concept is…
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Orthopedic Surgery vs PRP and the Double Standard in Orthobiologics

Orthopedic surgery has one of the poorest evidence bases of any medical specialty. That’s not my opinion, but that of an academic writing in the British Medical Journal. Interventional Orthobiologics as a field, while new, has pretty solid and evolving evidence. However, both insurers and surgeons often complain that we need more orthobiologics research while…
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Should You Get Gastrocnemius Recession?

What is gastrocnemius recession? This surgery has become popular for quite a few things, including the treatment of a tight calf, Achilles pain, or plantar fasciitis. Let’s dig in. The Gastrocnemius Muscle The gastrocnemius (aka gastroc or calf muscle) is at the back of the leg and connects the heel to the calf to the…
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Panama Stem Cell Clinic Reviews : Why Am I Blogging from the Caymans?

Yesterday I flew down to Grand Cayman to once again allow some of my patients access to advanced cultured stem cells. This morning I would also like to compare and contrast what we do here from what’s done in Panama. Hence, this will be one of my first official Panama stem cell clinic reviews. What’s…
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What’s Up with IMAC Regeneration Centers?

Last year I reviewed a regenerative medicine clinic chain that was selling stock called IMAC Regeneration Centers. At the time I found many problems but was also interested to see how this company would fare. I picked up on several new press releases this week and it’s time for an update as from what I…
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Signature Biologics: Review of Signature Cord

I can’t keep up with all of the new umbilical cord products entering the market. Because these are all only registered without any FDA approval, the ability to get a product to market is almost instantaneous. Today I’ll review the new product produced by Signature Biologics called “Signature Cord”. Who is Signature Biologics? Signature biologics…
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