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Amniotic Stem Cell Injection Reviews?

I’ve been writing so much about umbilical cord “stem cell” products that I thought it was time to revisit amniotic injections. First, as a general topic of amniotic stem cell injection reviews and then specifically how Regenexx would pick an amniotic product to use. Let’s dig in. What Is Amniotic Tissue? Before we can understand…
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When Stem Cell Therapy for Degenerative Disc Disease Isn’t Real

I am now officially bombarded with so much information sent to me about clinics fraudulently advertising fake stem cell treatments that I can’t keep up. Today’s entry is a Michigan chiropractic clinic that claimed that it’s injecting stem cells into discs but isn’t injecting any stem cells into any discs. This will be a great…
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Sports Hernia Surgery?

I’ve seen numerous patients throughout the years who have undergone sports hernia surgery (aka surgery for “athletic pubalgia”) and it’s failed. Hence, let’s explore what this diagnosis is, what’s likely causing it, and what this surgery entails. Let’s dig in. What is Sports Hernia (Athletic Pubalgia)? A sports hernia (aka athletic pubalgia) is pain in…
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Liveyon Keeps Misleading Physicians

Liveyon has been featured here many times. Frankly, after the recent podcast called “Bad Batch” I was pretty sure that they would fade into the sunset. However, a recent marketing email shows that they are alive and well and continue to deceive doctors. What is Liveyon? Liveyon is a company that used to distribute an…
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What Causes Knee Pain 1 Year After Meniscus Surgery?

Knee pain 1 year after meniscus surgery is much more common than most people realize. Why? Let’s dig in. What is Meniscus Tear Surgery? More than 95% of meniscus tear surgeries are partial meniscectomies (1). This means that the doctor removes the torn part of the meniscus. The meniscus is NOT repaired. When I tell…
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Looking for Knee Replacement Alternatives? You Should Be!

Knee replacement is a huge surgery as it involves amputating the knee joint and inserting a prosthesis. Hence, knee replacement alternatives have become popular. First, let’s dive into knee replacement and review the good, the bad, and the ugly. Then we’ll review some knee replacement alternatives. What is Knee Replacement? Knee replacement is also called…
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When Naturopaths Try to Silence Public Discourse : The Harry Adelson Chronicles

I have been a big critic of naturopaths offering investigational stem cell procedures. In my opinion, one of the naturopaths who has pushed his practice act to its limits and beyond is Harry Adelson. I was recently sued by Harry for questioning whether his practice act authorized what he’s doing. Now that the suit is…
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The “Bad Batch” Podcast: This is a Must Listen

The Liveyon debacle is a sad but fascinating morality play that demonstrates the craziness of the stem cell wild west. Right now, there is a riveting podcast called “Bad Batch” that explains what happened. Let’s dig in. The Liveyon Debacle Liveyon is a company that claims to sell umbilical cord products with live and functional…
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