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What is Level 2 Orthobiologics Injection Knowledge?

I’m down in Grand Cayman and yesterday I had a patient with a common problem that can mess up the result of an orthobiologic therapy. However, most physicians who just took a weekend course would have missed this as a problem and would not have corrected it. Let’s discuss this as a great way to…
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Southern Stem Cell Institute Review

I see all sorts of crazy stuff on stem cells all over the Internet. As the first physician on the planet to perform many of these injection-based, orthopedic stem cell procedures, what I see disturbs me greatly. However, I have to admit that I have become so used to seeing this stuff that I ignore…
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Inside Ankle Collapse: Why is This Happening and What To Do…

I both love and hate getting older. The one part of getting older I do like is that I get to experience on a first-hand basis all of the stuff my patients present with. There is no better way to hone your skills than seeing it all happen in yourself. Up this week is my…
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Blogging From the Caymans Again…

Here I am again, as I am three times a year, down in beautiful Grand Cayman. Why? Because the licensed culture expansion site here allows me to use more advanced stem cell care in some of my patients. PRP vs. Stem Cells About 90% of what I prescribe for the patients I see is a…
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Cervical Stenosis and Falls: Will You Become Paralyzed?

One of the more interesting things I hear from patients with cervical stenosis is that some spine surgeon told them that the risk of becoming paralyzed with a routine fall means they need surgery right now! This is personal for me, as I have tight cervical stenosis and have chosen not to have surgery. So…
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Regenexx Corporate Continues It’s Rapid Growth

Regenexx has been on a tear lately, adding many new companies and insurance brokers to our corporate plan. In the meantime, we’re disrupting a powerful cabal in health insurance and healthcare, so it’s also been interesting to see the blowback. The most recent pushback came yesterday from a local hometown newspaper, the Des Moines Register.…
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Are Amniotic and Umbilical Cord Treatments “FDA Approved”?

The explosion in birth tissue use where mostly alternative health practitioners use dead amniotic and umbilical cord products and claim to be injecting millions of young stem cells has been fascinating to watch. One of the questions we get all the time is caused by clinics offering these treatments claiming that they are “FDA Approved”.…
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MRI of the Shoulder: A Great Tool or a Fool’s Errand?

I’ve blogged many times about our penchant as a medical care system to over-interpret MRI results. Because of the attention physicians place on these tests and the decrease of reliance on physical exam, patients often believe that their MRI report was written by the oracle of Delphi and contains explanations of all of the hidden…
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