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Stem Cell Alternative to Knee Replacement?

Is there a stem cell alternative to knee replacement? There’s much craziness out there in the wild west of “stem cells” with fake treatments being offered left and right. However, I was recently asked by a former patient whatever happened to one of the patients we had in a testimonial? How is he doing now?…
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Regenexx Reviews: Do Orthobiologics Always Work?

One of the things that I have always tried to do is to intermittently highlight patients that fail our treatments. Why? Because we don’t do magic pixie dust. We offer medical procedures with success and failure rates just like any other medical procedure. So let’s jump into one of our own Regenexx reviews. Publishing Data…
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FDA Public Health Warnings on Exosome and Umbilical Cord “Stem Cell” Products

You almost can’t make this stuff up. I know I keep saying that, but it’s been clear for a while now that it was just a matter of time before the FDA came down hard on companies purporting to sell exosome and umbilical cord “stem cell” products. That day was yesterday. Let’s dig in. What…
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ACL Reconstruction Recovery? Can You Get Back to Sports after ACL Injury?

Most athletes and weekend warriors that tear their ACL believe that getting a new one is like getting a bad part replaced in their car. You go in for some surgery and after a while, you’re good as new. But is that really what ACL reconstruction recovery looks like? Not so much. Will you return…
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Is PRP is an Exosome Treatment?

I’ve become pretty used to the fads in regen med that I’ve witnessed for the last decade and a half. It seems like every year or two something gets hot and then eventually fizzles out and then it’s on to the next thing. Right now that hot item is exosome treatment. The funny thing is…
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How Much Do We Know About Exosome Therapy?

Exosome therapy has exploded in the past few years. So what is this? How do exosomes work? Are exosomes stem cells? How much do we know about whether exosomes are effective? What is Exosome Therapy? How Do Exosomes Work? Exosomes are small packets of information excreted by all living cells (1). They are literally how…
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Utah Cord Bank Product Review

It’s always interesting to see how clinics using umbilical cord products respond to the steady stream of information that supports that these products have no live and viable stem cells. Most of the smart ones just stop making that claim, but there are a good number that just point to their suppliers who themselves continue…
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What I am Thankful For 2019 Edition…

It’s that time of the year again and once more I’m staffing our licensed, advanced cell culture facility in Grand Cayman.  What’s it like to be out of the country for Thanksgiving? So what am I thankful for? Out of the US for a US Holiday? I’ve been staffing our licensed advanced culture expansion site…
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