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Class Action Against Stem Cell Clinic Using Fictional Outcomes Can Proceed

I’ve been warning for years that clinics that are using stem cells to treat any medical condition should be collecting clinical outcome data and making that public. This week a stem cell clinic in California overpromising and under delivering became a cautionary tale for all rogue clinics as a judge allowed a patient class action…
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Don’t Buy the Song and Dance on Stem Cell Storage in the U.S.!

This past week a court ordered US Stem Cell to destroy the patient stem cell samples it has stored in cryopreservation. This is a very big deal for reasons that most people likely don’t yet fully comprehend. Why? US Stem Cell and others have long had culture expansion and banking services that were operating illegally…
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Preventing ACL Injury Is About Your CORE and Pelvis!

The best way to treat knee ACL injuries is to prevent them. However, while we know some things about prevention, we’re still learning more all the time. Now new research shows that the way the kinetic chain breaks down and doesn’t work in the leg may be responsible for why these ligament injuries happen. What…
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We Replace Far Too Many Joints: New Study May Help End That Practice

If you read this blog, you know that I’m not a fan of joint replacements. That doesn’t mean I haven’t told people who really need them to get them, but a chunk of my career has been devoted to making sure many patients can avoid them. However, new research may make my job even easier…
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A Perservative in Your Food May Be Making You Sick and Diabetic

What if there was a preservative in your food that the FDA says is safe, but scientists have found is likely a problem. Would you be scanning every label? What if I also told you that this chemical in your food may be making you fatter and sicker? Let me explain. Diabetes Diabetes affects more…
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Blueberries May Protect Your Heart!

What foods can you add to your diet right now to improve heart health? We all know we can take a magic pill, but did you know you can add simple foods like blueberries or chocolate? Let’s explore blueberries, as these will definitely tempt you at the grocery store sometime this summer. Blueberries vs. Cholesterol…
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What if the Perfect One Sized Fits All Diet Didn’t Exist?

The entire diet book industry is based on a simple concept. If you follow what’s in my book, you too will lose weight and keep it off! What if that wasn’t even close to true? If there was no single perfect diet for everyone? That’s what researchers seem to have found. Predicting the Perfect Diet…
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Can Inflammation Make You Lose Motivation?

You hurt, so you’re not really energized and ready to get things done. In fact, new research supports the idea that your inflammation may be causing this lack of motivation. Let’s dig in. New Motivational Theory According to a new study, there’s a scientific explanation for why you’re not motivated to go to work when…
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