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What’s the Research on Knee Stem Cell Therapy?

I’ve been both a vocal critic and fan of the bench science groups pushing one-sided news stories about the stem cell wild west. This has been a bizarre place to be given that on the one hand this space really is out of control, but on the other, the health and science reporters have trouble…
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Milk Fat Causes More Aging?

Can drinking whole milk make you age faster? That’s the crazy conclusion of a recent study, but regrettably, nobody seems to have noticed that the study results make no sense or at least tell a different story than the one the news media has been slinging. So let’s dive in. The New Study A recent…
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The FDA Loses its Cell Surgical Network Summary Judgment Motion: Why That Could be a Big Deal

A district court judge in the Cell Surgical Network case handed the stem cell network a legal victory late Monday. What does this mean? Does it support the idea that CSN will be able to use fat-based stem cell treatments to treat multiple incurable conditions? My take is that it’s a bigger deal than most…
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NSAIDs Side Effects: When You Take NSAIDs is Critical

We know so little about medicine and the body. That’s quite a statement made in the early 21st century when we believe we know so much. However, there isn’t a month that goes by that doesn’t wreck some sacred procedure or medical belief. This month’s medical “Saay Whaaat” is about new NSAID side effects. Taking…
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IV at Home Umbilical Cord “Stem Cells”: Living Well Regenerative Health

If you read this blog, you know I get sent stuff all the time. I’ll usually write about the craziest stuff I get sent and this morning that’s an at-home IV Umbilical Cord “Stem Cell” business called Living Well Regenerative Health in Alexandria, Virginia. Let’s dive in. The Umbilical Cord “Stem Cell” Scam I’ve written…
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The Orthopedic Center of Excellence vs Changing the Surgical Paradigm

One of the hottest trends this past decade in orthopedic cost savings is the idea of an Orthopedic Center of Excellence approach. However, there are some distinct reasons why this doesn’t save employers as much money as it could. Let’s dig in through the lens of knee surgery. The COE Concept The idea behind an…
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A Review of Awakening-A Commercial on Exosomes

When it comes to the stem cell and exosome wild west, I often say that “You can’t make this stuff up”. Case in point is a new 10-minute science fiction infomercial on a real product called “Exo Exosomes”. Who is behind this new short film and yet to be released product?  Let’s dig into what…
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Can a Ligament Grow Back? Getting an Athlete’s ACL to Heal

On this page: What is the ACL and can it grow back? Can ACL tears be treated without surgery? An athlete’s ACL story We began treating ACL tears using x-ray guidance and high-dose bone marrow concentrate back in 2011 before anyone else was performing that procedure and frankly before anyone else was doing much of…
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