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Another Teen Saved from Invasive ACL Surgery…

One of the real tragedies of our age is that we’re seeing younger and younger kids getting more and more invasive orthopedic surgeries. Why is that bad? Because we also see adults in their 30s with joint arthritis who were teens getting ACL surgery. Hence every teen we can save from this concerning teens and…
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Another ACL Stem Cell Procedure Result

Yesterday I posted our new ACL stem cell study that was just published, Hence, today I’ll publish a new ACL stem cell procedure result of our precise image guided injection Perc-ACLR procedure, from one of our affiliated clinics. After all, what you can prove in an academic paper has to be able to be taught…
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Another ACL Stem Cell Home Run: 5 Things to Remember to Ensure Success

Another day, another MRI of a patient whose ACL was destined to be ripped out and replaced, but due to an ultraprecise stem cell injection procedure, the damaged structure is healing and the patient will keep his own ligament. I’ve posted so many of these that it’s becoming commonplace to see these ACL tears heal…
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Interventional vs Surgical Orthopedics for Stem Cell Knee ACL Repair

I love LinkedIn as a platform for physicians to debate various issues back and forth, especially in this emerging field of regenerative orthopedic care and interventional versus surgical orthopedics. One of the things that came up this week is that while we invented and continue to publish on the ACL stem cell injection procedure that…
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Two More ACL Tear Patients Saved from Invasive Surgery They Didn’t Need

At this point, we’ve treated so many ACL tear patients without surgery, using instead a precise injection of high-dose stem cells, it’s getting tough to keep up with all of the successes. Hence, this morning’s blog is catching up on two recent cases at once. These are two young men who both chose to skip…
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My New ACL Stem Cell Infographic

Today, like many Americans, I have the flu. I put this together yesterday when I felt better, so here is a compilation of information and before and after MRIs of ACLs healed with our highly precise injection of high-dose bone marrow concentrate (same-day ACL stem cell procedure). Just click on the thumbnail below to see…
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ACL Surgery Alternatives: A Stem Cell Injection Can Get Rid of an Invasive Surgery

When you first start performing a new procedure, there are lots of unknowns. For example, which type of patient will this procedure help? What’s the best technique? How durable is the result? Hence, when we first began seeking ACL surgery alternatives using precise stem cell injections in 2011, we had many more questions than answers.…
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ACL Stem Cell Musings and the Regenexx Holiday Party

If you read this blog, you know I love the holidays. It’s a time of year that I can shift into low gear, which for me is saying something. It’s also a time of year I can give back to our employees who work hard all year. This weekend at our party, an ACL stem…
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