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Healing Another ACL Tear with a Precise Injection of Stem Cells

I love sharing MRIs of patients who never got ACL surgery and who instead got a precise injection of high-dose stem cells. This morning’s images are above. This patient is a bit unique in that he’s a specialist physician. Why is that important? Because physicians have been to the proverbial puppet show and have seen the…
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Avoiding Surgery for an ACL Tear

Avoiding surgery for an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear should be a top priority in 2017. Why? We’re on the brink of a dramatic change in how we treat these injuries and, literally, getting surgery for this problem could put you in the “old technology” group. How dramatic will this change be? Most surgeries are…
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Cyndi’s Knee Stem Cell Injection Results: Conquering Snowmass Mountain

When we hear about someone conquering mountains nowadays, more often than not, the phrase is symbolic—a dream job that seemed out of reach is realized, the underdog college football team takes down the Goliath team in the national championships, the boy gets the girl who is completely out of his league, and so on. Occasionally,…
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The Difference Between Amniotic Stem Cell Scams and Regenexx

There are many differences between real innovative stem cell care and the chiropractic clinic Amniotic Stem Cell Scams using dead amniotic stem cells. One of those is Candidacy grading. This means that the physician offering the care has extensive data that he can reference to determine whether or not the patient is a Good, Fair,…
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Who Will Respond to an ACL Stem Cell Procedure?

This weekend, I’ve spent hours and hours pouring over more than 50 before and after MRIs from patients who have received the ACL stem cell procedure we invented. This is the world’s largest collection of data to date on what happens when stem cells are precisely injected into ACL tears. I took a few of…
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Why You Can’t Inject a Torn Knee ACL with Ultrasound

When we first began injecting ACL tears with stem cells many years ago, we tried quite a few techniques. At first, it was a very difficult injection that wasn’t reliable. However, after some anatomy review and testing several methods, we finally settled on a procedure that produced reliable results and then began teaching that through…
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Another Perc-ACLR Procedure Success: ACL Tears and Stem Cells

Another day, another collection of impressive MRI images taken before and after a precise ACL stem cell injection! This one is of the knee of a South American who injured his ACL while playing soccer. Given that I’ve posted a lot of these images through the years, this post will be a shorter version where I just…
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Can an ACL Stem Cell Shot Replace Surgery?

The single biggest MRI result that we see day in and day out that never ceases to amaze me is a postinjection image after stem cells have been injected into a trashed ACL. While the images look fantastic, usually showing ACLs that have transformed themselves from tattered messes into something resembling a normal ligament, many…
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