Amniotic Tissue

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Why a PA Getting Hit with 240 Years in Jail is Just the Beginning

If you read this blog, you know that I have previously covered the ongoing ridiculous saga of fake birth tissue stem cells and the billing of these products to Medicare. This past week, the first shoe to drop in the ongoing criminal investigation into that activity happened, with a Physician’s Assistant getting tagged with a…read more

Medicare Finally Handcuffs the Birth Tissue Scammers

It’s taken several years of tracking the great birth tissue scam to see it finally come to some conclusion. When we last left off, the scammers who tried to get Medicare reimbursement for things like Wharton’s Jelly to treat knee arthritis had hit a serious snag. Now that little problem has turned into a massive…read more

What’s the Difference Between All of the Types of Stem Cell Therapy?

I’ve blogged on this topic many times in the past, but it recently came up again through a patient, so I decided to revisit it with an update. This is an incredibly confusing topic for patients as they are usually bewildered by the vastly different claims between bone marrow, fat, and birth tissue “stem cell”…read more

VittiLabs, the Sopranos, and an FDA Warning Letter

I’ve blogged quite a bit on the crumbling amniotic and umbilical cord fake stem cell market. Despite peer-reviewed research demonstrating that these products clearly have no stem cells, throughout social media, we still see patients who are getting bombarded by influencers who claim they are loaded with young and vital stem cells. One of the…read more

Why Language from a New FDA Amniotic and Umbilical Cord Warning Letter Is a Big Deal

I’ve covered the stem cell wild west for years. One of the crazier things out was amniotic and umbilical cord tissue vendors claiming to sell “stem cell” products that don’t actually contain any live and functional stem cells. In addition, despite an FDA crackdown on these companies, there are still vendors selling this stuff with…read more

Why Did a Major University Sell Amniotic Fluid to a Fraudster?

This week’s blog on the Missouri woman who is being charged for fraud by selling Amniotic fluid brought up an interesting question. She bought this fluid from the University of Utah. Huh? Let’s dig in. The Missouri Case The feds this week brought criminal charges through a grand jury against a Missouri woman who was…read more

How Are Companies Getting Paid for Amnion? The Magic Trick Explained

If you’re following the Medicare reimbursement scam for amnion and umbilical cord products I’ve been covering, you may wonder how that scam began. While I knew some of this story prior to yesterday, I still hadn’t put all of the pieces of the fraud together to show a clear picture from start to finish. Now…read more

Medicare Billing for Amniotic Tissues-BioLab Sciences

My job as the medical director for the Regenexx network requires me to keep abreast of everything that’s going on in regenerative medicine. When it comes to amniotic tissues, we have companies who claim that they can get these products covered through insurance to treat things like knee arthritis. While I’m pretty sure this is…read more
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