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Stem Cell Osteonecrosis Study: Circulus in Demonstrando

This morning I’d like to highlight a stem cell osteonecrosis study. Every once in awhile it’s important to highlight research that has conclusions that don’t make sense, or in other words “bad research”. A new study demonstrates a logical fallacy known as “circulus in demonstrando”. In other words, here is a study that seems to show that…
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Steroids are Awful: More Evidence for Steroid Stem Cell Toxicity

High dose steroids, the kind given out like candy by most physicians and used for everything from a herniated disc to asthma are awful drugs. These powerful anti-inflammatories are what I call a “bull in the china shop” pharmaceutical, as while they’re powerful anti-inflammatories, their side effect profile is just like that bombastic bull. Now…
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Hip Osteonecrosis Stem Cell Treatment: A Picture Shows the Future

Dr. Schultz came to me the other day with the fluoroscopy picture above and commented that no one else in the world is doing this type of work. I took one look at the juxtiposition of two technologies and realized that while few doctors know how to do this type of hip osteonecrosis stem cell…
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Avoid Osteonecrosis Surgery with Stem Cell Injections?

Is it possible to avoid Osteonecrosis surgery? Osteonecrosis is a bad disease where the bone begins to die off. It often means certain surgery, either to ream out the dead bone or to replace the joint. However, can this dreaded disease be treated simply by using a specialized injection of your own stem cells? My…
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Stem Cell Treatment for Hip AVN: New Research

We’ve been performing stem cell treatment for hip AVN since approximately 2006 and have seen some good results in the right patients. Unlike many other things we treat, we weren’t the first to tackle this issue with stem cells, that honor going to European researchers in the 90s. Now a new randomized controlled trial shows…
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Hip AVN Surgery Alternative: Another Hip AVN Patient Treated with Stem Cells

Can an injection of stem cells act as a hip AVN surgery alternative? PL is a young man in his twenties who was diagnosed with hip AVN. Like many diagnosed with this disease, he had no risk factors and it’s likely that we’ll never know how he got the disease. He saw several orthopedic surgeons…
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Nonsurgical Hip AVN Treatment: A 5 Year Update

Is a nonsurgical hip AVN treatment possible? Back in the spring of 2009, we treated a woman who had hip AVN – a disease where the hip bone slowly dies off and the hip joint collapses, eventually becoming a square peg in a round hole. When a grade 2 lesion is diagnosed, it’s almost certain…
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Another Intenventional Orthopedics First: Injecting Stem Cells into a Knee Cap with AVN

Can knee cap AVN be treated without surgery?  Is stem cell AVN treatment possible?  The above pictures (as far as we know) are unique. Avascular necrosis (osteonecrosis) is a disease where the bone literally turns to mush. It can be caused by lots of things including steroids, alcoholism, other chemical insults, and trauma. In this case,…
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