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AVN Talus Stem Cell Treatment

Can an ankle talus bone with avascular necrosis (also known as osteonecrosis) be treated with stem cells without surgery?  What would be involved in an AVN talus stem cell treatment?  We have treated AVN of the hip since 2006 with stem cell injections directly into the bone. It’s actually a procedure that’s been performed since…
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Stem Cells for Hip Osteonecrosis-Mexican Style: Ole?

Why are we so finicky about candidacy grading? As you may know, we insist on giving every patient an honest assessment of their candidacy grading-Good, Fair, or Poor. Being a good candidate doesn’t guarantee the procedure will work just like being a poor candidate doesn’t guarantee it will fail. However, given all the patients we’ve treated through the years, the patient…
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Dr. Centeno Teaching Orthopedic Surgeons in China this Week

Dr. Centeno in China this week teaching orthopedic surgeons how to use autologous stem cells for hip osteonecrosis/AVN as well as for knee arthritis. Above is a picture montage from his trip. The images clockwise from top left: arriving at the lobby of one orthopedic hospital (the Chinese sure know how to make you welcome!),…
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Hip AVN Stem Cell Alternative

Hip AVN stem cell treatment has been science fiction for many patients but we here at the Centeno-Schultz clinic have been pioneering this advanced procedure for years. RA is a patient that has benefited from an injection of his own stem cells which helped him to dodge the hip replacement bullet. He is now 58 years old seen…
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Blood Pressure Drugs and Stem cells: Our Advanced Lab Data

Blood pressure drugs and stem cells?  Having an advanced culture facility for stem cells, we can look at things like whether certain medications adversely impact stem cells. We’ve seen many medications that seem to have a negative impact, but one that stood out was a certain class of blood pressure medications known as ACE inhibitors. A very…
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Frightening Increase in Osteonecrosis in Patients taking Oral Steroids

Osteonecrosis Steroids Connection?  A study just published shows shocking amounts of increase in osteonecrosis in patients treated with oral steroids. Osteonecrosis or avascular necrosis (AVN) literally means “bone death”. This disease usually involves the hip and can mean a rapid collapse of the structure of the femur bone which causes severe arthritis. We’ve known for…
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Further Analysis of Regenexx-C Data

We’ve been re-analyzing Regenexx-C data for a scientific publication and came across some interesting observations. We’ve traditionally reported that hip arthritis patients tended to respond less often than knee arthritis patients to our cultured stem cell injections. However, when we take out patients with the bone disease avascular necrosis (AVN, also called osteonecrosis), a different picture emerges.…
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Ankle AVN and Stem Cells: Only Halfway Toward the Finish Line

FB is a middle aged businessman who injured his ankle in a running related fall about 12 years ago. The ankle talus bone was fractured, so his doctors placed him into a cast. He saw many doctors as he had continued pain and then in 2006, he received the diagnosis of AVN of the ankle (also…
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