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Back Pain When Hiking: Helping Agnes Scale Her Personal Mountain

I love the creative ways patients find to let us know that they’re doing better. This last week, I received this great shot from Dr. Pitts who had treated Agnes, a patient who had significant back pain with hiking. Here she is, having just climbed Colorado’s Mt. Elbert at 14,433 feet!  So how did we…
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New Patient Outcome App: We’re Upping Our Own Game

We’ve always published our outcomes. What’s bizarre is that few other clinics have followed suit. Maybe it’s because we’ve been doing this work longer than any other clinic. Now we’re upping our game again with a level of transparency that doesn’t exist for any other stem cell clinic—real-time outcomes that patients can access online. Outcomes and…
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Can a Same Day Stem Cell Procedure Reduce Disc Bulge Size?

We’ve been impressed with using stem cell injections in the right kind of discs. While most patients believe that there is only one type of disc issue, there seems to be no end to the number of physicians willing to inject stem cells into discs. However, we’ve been more selective. Why? Eleven years of experience…
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Regenexx ProActive: Tony’s Amazing Push-the-Envelope Life!

When I first met Tony, he was amazing in every way. At age 60-plus, he told me he had injured his shoulder while working on the rings. On the what? Turns out that the gymnastic rings were merely just another challenge for Tony to conquer, mere baby steps compared to the physically demanding and dangerous stuff…
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The Side Effects of Hip Labrum Surgery: Brian’s Story

Yesterday was my last day seeing my patients at the licensed, advanced stem-cell-culture site in Grand Cayman. It’s been a great week, capped off with a heartfelt thank you from a young medical student we have been able to help through the years. His thanks are really the quintessential reason every doctor is a doctor—to help…
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Lower Back Stem Cell Treatment Returns Fitness Professional to Competition

Perpetual growth in mind, body, and soul is the philosophy professional body builder Eileen Wells lives by. Her everyday goal? Be better today than she was yesterday. As a professional competitor in the fitness division of the International Federation of BodyBuilding (IFBB) she was able to live by that mantra…until all of that changed in…
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Fibrin Treatment for Back Pain: Do You Need to Seal a Degenerated Disc?

This week, while I was performing a procedure on another patient, Dr. Bashir poked his head in to let me know of his great success with a chronic disc pain patient. It was an impressive 95% improvement in a patient who had tried it all and was now back to golf after a stem cell…
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Her Neck Goes Out All the Time: Definitive Treatment?

Every physician has patients who challenge his or her skills, and it’s the reaction to those patients that determines what kind of doctor that physician is —Chris was one of those patients. She would tell me consistently that “my neck goes out all the time,” but every tool I had to use couldn’t seem to really put…
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