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Low Back Disc Stem Cell Results: Summary of Regenexx-C Treated Low Back Discs

What do low back disc stem cells results look like 4-6 years after treatment? In 2005 we began treating our first low back discs with stem cells. We expected to see what the animal models predicted, i.e. significant changes in MRIs-basically new discs regrown from stem cells. Regrettably that didn’t happen as we soon learned that the…
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Traditional vs. Regenerative Spine Care

Yesterday in the clinic I had two patients before lunch that define the differences between our traditional existing spine treatment paradigms and what our clinic defines as Regenerative Spine Care (using platelets and stem cells to treat patients with bad discs, facet joints, or ligaments). The first patient was a late thirties father who had been in…
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The Scientist, The Doctor, and the Patient…

This past week I’ve been hyper-focused on updating our long-term disc data and finally met my match yesterday. These are low back stem cell patients who had bulging low back discs treated with precise stem cell injections. It’s always an arduous task to pull all of this together, especially when some of the patients were treated in…
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Back Pain and Platelet Rich Plasma in a Competitive Figure Skater

Back pain and Platelet Rich Plasma? RS is a 19 year old female figure skater who was first seen by our clinic for chronic low back pain in November of 2012. She reported a 3 year history of low back pain that was worse with skating, which she performed at a very high level (training…
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Figuring Out a Complex Patient with an SI Joint Cyst: Interventional Orthopedics

Should we perform a low back or SI joint fusion on an active young woman just because we don’t know why she hurts? SR is a 15 year old cheerleader who was referred to our clinic because of severe and disabling low back pain. She went from a competitive cheerleader to being in severe pain, unable to walk without…
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Epidural Steroid Injection Reviews: Here’s a Patient who has Tried Both Steroids and Using His Own Growth Factors

Patients are looking for answers to help guide them through what has been a tough month for epidural steroid injection reviews and side effects.  To that end follows For example, in one recent study, steroid epidurals increased bone loss in post menopausal women by 600% after a single shot! Yikes!  As a result, getting rid…
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Upper Back Surgery Procedures to Avoid

I always tell my patients that upper back surgery procedures are awful. If you happen to have a big herniated upper back disc pressing on your nerves and spinal cord or bony stenosis doing the same, an upper back surgery to remove the pressure is a much bigger and more invasive procedure than even low…
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PRP injections for back pain? Regenexx-PL-Disc Data

PRP injections for back pain? As I have blogged before, we have a big commitment to data collection through our strictly maintained registry. The latest data hot off the presses is for the Regenexx-PL-Disc procedure, a technique used to substitute for common high dose steroid epidurals. In this procedure (click on infographic above to see…
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