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Update from Former NFL Player Jarvis Green and Stem Cells

Jarvis Green and Stem Cells is a winning  combination.  Jarvis Green is a former New England Patriot and Denver Bronco who came to us for his back and his knee issues after a failed micro fracture surgery. We used a combination of the Regenexx-PL-Disc procedure on his back and the Regenexx-SD and -C procedures on his…
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A Low Back Disc Emergency in a Physical Therapist

CW is a local physical therapist to whom I have referred many patients to over the years. About a month ago I got a call from him that he was unable to move, stand, or walk. He had had a prior low back surgery many years ago and had treated himself for smoldering, but had mostly mild back…
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Sometimes it Just Hits You-The Knee Pain is Gone!

PA is a 60 year old dentist who first noted significant lateral knee problems on the right side in 2010. This left him unable to do many of the activities he enjoyed like weight training, running, and playing with his son. His MRI showed a posterolateral meniscus tear with adjoining cartilage injury that seemed to…
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Using Stem Cells in an Elite Track Athlete: Regenexx Patient Cydonie Mothersill wins Cayman Invitational

Can stem cells be used as a running stress fracture treatment in an elite track athlete? Cydonie Mothersill is an elite track athlete and gold medalist at the 2010 Commonwealth games, 2010 Mayaguez, and CARIFTA games. After her great performance at the Commonwealth Games in 2010, she was within striking range of a medal in…
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More Low Back Stem Cell Success

More low back stem cell success…  AE is a 36 year old white female who was first seen in Sept of 2009 with a 2.5 year history of back and leg pain (7/10 moderately severe pain).  Most importantly, she had failed physical therapy, IDET (a procedure where a catheter is inserted in the low back…
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Two year Anniversary for Low Back Stem Cells

JS is a patient we treated two years ago with the Regenexx-C procedure which involved injecting his own cultured stem cells into his bulging low back disc. Before we tried this, he was being treated several times a year with epidural injections, which gave him some relief, but this was more of a stop gap…
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More stem cell disc updates…

I’ve blogged on NQ in 2010, after she received a Regenexx-C disc procedure and reported very good resolution of her leg pain which was being caused by by a L5-S1 disc bulge. At that time, I posted some sagittal MRI films (side view) showing an improved disc bulge after the stem cell disc procedure. More recently, I…
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Disc Stem Cell Success, More of the Story Unfolds

JS is a long-standing patient who we were managing with steroid epidurals for years. He had a large L5-S1 disc bulge and ultimately decided to undergo a Regenexx-C disc procedure. He did very well, reporting dramatically improved function, a decrease in his medications, as well as being able to sit longer and do thing like Jet Ski.…
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