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RIP Radiofrequency Ablation Treatment for Low Back Pain

When Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) became popular in the late 90s, it seemed like a miracle for many patients with chronic neck pain. At the same time, while this therapy seemed to work reliably to provide pain relief in the neck, it was always hit or miss as a treatment for low back pain. Perhaps that’s…
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Why Is My Big Toe Numb?

It might seem like a little thing. Your big toe numb. Is it a big deal? After all, it’s just a big toe. However, does this mean something? Why Is My Big Toe Numb? It Could Be a Warning Sign of Something Bigger If your big toe is numb, or if you are having on-again,…
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Does the Lower Body Protect the Upper Body from Running Injuries?

Running is one of those sports that about the age of 40 or 50, people go two different directions. Either they haven’t gotten a significant injury and they keep running or they stop running due to injury. What’s the difference between these two groups? In all honesty, we really don’t know with 100% certainty yet, but…
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Epidural Steroid Side Effects: Repeated Injections Cause Diminishing Relief

On the surface, as a nonsurgical way to relieve pain and inflammation, epidural steroid injections seem like a great idea. However, when we dive beneath the surface, we find that epidural steroid side effects are pretty awful. I’ve observed many times, that for some patients, that while that first shot seems nothing short of miraculous,…
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My Unstable Back and the Ridiculous Pain Neuroscience Education (PNE) Model

As I write this blog, I’m on vacation in Venice, Italy, with my family. My low back has been getting more unstable for the last several months. I first noticed it slipping a bit to the side as I performed injections, as I’m often sideways to the procedure table. This morning, after a 25-minute intense,…
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You May Have a Pinched Low Back Nerve Despite What Your Doctor Thinks

The first day of medical school, our head honcho got up and was brave enough to say that about half of what they would teach us would probably be proven wrong. Yikes, was he ever right. This also applies to what your doctor thinks he or she knows about back pain. For example, we have…
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Should You Get Your Disc Injected with Stem Cells?

It seems to be the latest craze; all the cool providers, most after taking a weekend course, are doing it. So should you get your disc injected with stem cells? The question certainly seems simple enough; however, the answer is a bit more complex. This isn’t a new fad for us. We were the first…
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Disc Replacement Side Effects: New Research Is Concerning

The whole idea behind disc replacement is that it should have fewer side effects than fusing the spine. The artificial disc allows motion, which is, in theory, similar to a normal biologic disc. However, what if an artificial disc ended up distorting normal motion so badly that it still caused the disc above and below…
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