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Did Our Coronavirus Shutdown Work? You Decide

Did our coronavirus shutdown work? This morning I’ll show you two graphs and ask you to decide which country is which. You can then decide for yourself whether our COVID plan worked. Let’s dig in. First an Intermission If you haven’t yet seen Bill Maher’s take on the “Panic Porn” being peddled by the media,…
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Can a $99 UVC Wand From Amazon Provide COVID-Free Travel?

As many readers know, we have been using UVC light to provide an extra coronavirus sterilization step for exam rooms and to add yet another layer of protection for our patients. One of my patients recently bought a $99 UVC wand off Amazon and asked during a Facebook Live if it would work to sterilize…
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Will The Real Coronavirus Death Toll Please Stand Up?

The actual number of people who have died due to coronavirus is a critical number that determines both the direction of public health policy and tens of trillions of dollars of excess spending. Hence, it’s likely the single most important number we’re tracking, perhaps even more important than cases. However, there are all sorts of…
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Can We Now Stop The Anti Antibody Hysteria?

Your body fights infections with antibodies just as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow. There are extremely few exceptions, but despite this, the media has played with the mass hysteria idea that somehow this virus was different and wouldn’t cause the body to produce antibodies. Why? To sell more eyeballs to advertisers. Now…
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Purchasing COVID-19 Serology Test Kits: A Guide for Physicians (and Patients)

I have spent the last month diving into COVID-19 testing. Mostly from the standpoint of how to protect our employees. However, communicating with my colleagues, I have seen that many are confused by sales reps hawking these tests. In addition, patients are even more confused. Hence, what I’ve found is critical for both physicians and…
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Non-COVID Patients Who Got Routine Surgery Developed COVID Pneumonia

NOTE: After the study authors later posted a letter better explaining their methods, this post was revised.  If you read this blog, you know that one of my favorite sayings is “you can’t make this stuff up”. Today I’ll cover a new journal article that implies that surgery made people more susceptible to more severe…
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The Coronavirus Is Far LESS Deadly than Reported

This week has been interesting. On the one hand, hard data is emerging showing that the Coronavirus is not nearly as deadly as the numbers previously reported and that the virus is wimpy when exposed to sunlight, but none of that data seems to be quelling the irrational panic. So let’s look at this data…
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Who Is More Likely to Get Severe COVID-19?

When you have a disease that impacts some very hard, and others not at all, the single biggest question on everyone’s mind is whether they’re in that group of people who are more or less likely to end up hospitalized. This past week, more research has been emerging on this trillion-dollar question. Let’s dig in.…
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