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Those Opposed to COVID Vaccination Have a Causation Problem

One of the rationales now being given by many on the Internet is that since lots of complications and other things are being reported in an FDA vaccine adverse event reporting system, that this means that the two existing COVID vaccines are unsafe. To understand why that’s just noise, let’s learn a little about how…
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Vaccine Reduces Coronavirus Transmission, Duh….

The single biggest public health reason why advanced societies vaccinate is that it reduces disease transmission. This has been the case with every modern vaccine since Smallpox and Polio. Now a new Israeli study shows that the Coronavirus vaccine also reduces disease transmission. My first response when reading these studies this morning was a resounding…
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The Crazy Quotes for COVID-19 Survival

The great news of the last 2 weeks is that COVID-19 cases are rapidly dropping now that we’re out of the mid-January annual peak for respiratory diseases. However, there’s still extremely misleading stuff being posted on social media. One of the single biggest myths I see are survival rates pulled from thin air. Let’s dive…
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The Natural Medicine Industry Has an Anti-Vaccine Problem

When I blogged about why I was getting vaccinated, I frankly had no sense of how big the anti-vaxxer community had become. Since then I’ve been privy to all sorts of crazy theories of what the vaccine will do and have been pointed to some of the articles on natural health websites that support those…
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COVID Vaccine Conspiracy Theories?

I’ve got quite a few critical COVID topics to cover, but given that many people have been chiming in on the blog where I showed myself getting vaccinated, I thought this blog needed to come first. The Internet abounds with various easily disprovable conspiracy theories around the two existing COVID-19 vaccines. So today I will…
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Why I just Got Vaccinated

Yesterday, I was vaccinated in our first round with other healthcare workers. You may be wondering if you should or shouldn’t get vaccinated. Let me tell you why I did. Let’s dig in. The Two Vaccines Available There is a Pfizer and Moderna vaccine available right now. Both are made using synthetic mRNA. The vaccines…
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Does Ivermectin Help COVID-19?

I’ve had a ton of requests to review the science on Ivermectin and COVID-19. What is it? Why are people talking about it? Let’s dig in. What is Ivermectin? Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic drug. The two most common indications would be its use in treating head lice in humans and heartworms in animals. It had…
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These united States of America

On July 4th, 1776 the Continental Congress formally stated that 13 American colonies were breaking from Great Britain and laid down the principles on which a new country would be based. Now that we’re sitting in the middle of a pandemic, it’s reasonable to reflect on that document created some 244 years ago. Because if…
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