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Do We Have High-Level Evidence that Masks Work to Reduce COVID Spread? Grading the Evidence…

[Please note that later this next week we will be moving COVID content from the Regenexx website to its own home on the web …] As a physician who publishes a few scientific papers a year and runs both clinical and lab-based research teams in orthobiologics, it’s been interesting to observe the science behind the spread…
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Sweden: COVID Disaster or Valuable Data?

This week there were several COVID media narratives. One took aim at Sweden for bucking the shutdown trend. Some of these stories were based all or in part on a new study out of the University of Virginia. So let’s dive into that new research and see what it found. We’ll also examine what’s been…
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These united States of America

On July 4th, 1776 the Continental Congress formally stated that 13 American colonies were breaking from Great Britain and laid down the principles on which a new country would be based. Now that we’re sitting in the middle of a pandemic, it’s reasonable to reflect on that document created some 244 years ago. Because if…
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Florida COVID Emergency or Is the COVID Hospital Bed “Crisis” Self-created?

What’s up with the media’s reports of Florigeddon? How does that intersect with Texageddon? When I blogged on the Texas hospital bed crisis I noted an interesting discrepancy between the number of hospital beds listed on COVID models and the number that the Texas DSHS website had listed. Now after hearing quotes from a Texas…
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What’s Up with Texas? Corona Catastrophe or Something Else?

This week the media has been screaming about Texas and Florida. You would think that a nuclear bomb had obliterated Houston, Dallas, and Miami with mass casualties. So what’s going on for real? Let’s dig in. The News: Texas, Florida Governors Order Bars Closed, Impose New Restrictions as Cases Surge-Politico Coronavirus Update: Florida and Texas…
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What Is Our COVID Endgame?

One of the problems with the current pandemic has been that there is no clear and unified U.S. public health goal. Meaning, are we trying to protect the healthcare system, eliminate all deaths, or protect the economy? So let’s dive in today and cut through the media hysteria to try to figure out what makes…
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Two New Studies on Corona Mask Use: We Still Have No Idea if Masks Help

In my town, there are huge Orwellian road signs at the hiking trailheads that read, “Wear a Mask, Save Lives!”.  I do wear my mask because they tell me to, but I also roll my eyes because the science on mask use is nowhere near that settled. Now two new studies stir that proverbial unsettled…
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Corona Poll Results

Sometimes being a daily blogger is like being a performer in an empty theater with a camera. You’re never quite sure if anyone is watching, but you keep doing your thing, hoping there is an audience. Yesterday I asked my regular readers to comment on whether I should continue blogging on coronavirus. I have to…
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