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Did We Just Blowup the Economy for a Bug with a 0.14% Fatality Rate?

If you remember way back to my second Corinavirus post 6 weeks ago, I posted that the fatality rate of this coronavirus was far less than the media was reporting. Now a new Stanford study just supported that idea after testing a large sample of people in one community. The results look much like my…
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Predictive Biotech and an EUA for CoreCyte?

One company that I have tracked extensively here on this blog is Predictive Biotech. It sells a product that it claims contains mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and has now submitted an Emergency use Authorization to the FDA to use this product to treat COVID-19. The rationale is that the product has loads of MSCs. The…
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Corona Episode: Hydroxychloroquine, Politics, and the Media

It’s bizarre when politics enter medicine, especially when they enter into the debate over which treatments are best for COVID-19. No medical treatment on earth has become more politicalized in the last few weeks than the drug Hydroxychloroquine. So let’s try to push aside all of the red vs. blue stuff and see if doctors…
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Corona Episode: What Will Sports Look Like this Fall?

First, Happy Easter, Passover, or Spring Solstice! This one is different, but let’s remember to reach out to loved ones. I’m a huge college football fan and because of COVID-19, like many people, I’m wondering what will sports look like post-shutdown? Here I’ll focus on football, but this discussion applies to all sports where people…
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Corona Episode: Outdoor Exercise Paranoia!

I live in Boulder, Colorado, one of the outdoor exercise capitals of the world. These past few days, social media has been on fire with an impressive looking, but pretty unscientific simulation purporting to show the widespread and deadly transmission of coronavirus from someone exercising. So let’s take a look and actually dig into some…
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Using The Shutdown to Self Diagnose and Understand Your Pain

We’re all at the new normal for now. As part of all of that altered reality, I’m talking to more and more of my patients who have increased pain. Why? A combination of stress and change in life and exercise routines. So what can you do to help while you’re at home? Telemedicine or In-Office…
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Corona Scammer Awards!

There’s nothing like a good national crisis to bring out the best and worst in people. The same happens with medical companies. So today we’ll highlight some of the worse coronavirus scammers out there. Let’s dig in. The Genesis of the Scams The treatment idea here is that COVID-19, in some patients, causes a lethal…
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Corona Roundup: Masks and Google Searches

This past week, the recommendation was made for everyone to consider using the use of cloth face masks. In addition, a new idea has popped up that Google searches can predict the spread of the disease. That last one may teach us quite a bit about how to identify COVID-19 early. Let’s dig in. Everyone…
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