Craniocervical Junction Instability

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A Case Study of Severe CCJ Instability and Our PICL Procedure

CCJ instability is a life-changing problem. Think about the havoc that could be caused by the ligaments that hold your head being injured by trauma or becoming loose due to a connective-tissue disease. Headaches, imbalance, and a myriad of other symptoms become the new normal when you attempt to do anything. This morning, after several…read more

Prolotherapy for CCJ Instability: Keeping Patients Safe

Patients with craniocervical joint (CCJ) instability will often be offered prolotherapy injections. While much of this is performed blind, some physicians will use guidance. However, while guidance is used, many times it’s not used with contrast. Why is this an issue? Let me explain. What Is Prolotherapy? Prolotherapy is one of the earliest regenerative-medicine procedures. It…read more
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