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What Causes Pain Around the Ribs and Back Symptoms?

In this article: Understanding the thoracic spine Causes of pain in the ribs and back Treatment The thoracic spine and ribs are like a no man’s land for many physicians, including spine experts. While many physicians are comfortable treating and diagnosing neck and low back problems when it comes to things like pain around the…
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Stem Cells and SCI: Placebo or the Next Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?

I have gotten many emails through the years from patients who know someone who has a spinal cord injury (SCI) and who ask if we could help. My answer has always been the same. We only treat orthopedic injuries. However, a study on stem cells and spinal cord injury was just published in February that’s…
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Learning About the Stages of Healing: The Curious Case of My Wife’s Fracture and PRP

Months ago, my wife tripped over our dog and fractured her fibula. After 6 weeks in a cast, she had only a partially healed bone and continued epic swelling in the leg. Hence I decided to inject PRP and all of the swelling in the leg vanished within 12 hours. What can that teach us…
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SI Joint Fusion Complications? Why Are We Doing this to Patients?

One of the biggest issues I see is how easily interventional pain physicians have been lured in by quasi-spine surgeries that they know are bad for their patients. A case in point is SI fusion. Let’s dig into SI joint fusion complications through a case posted on LinkedIn. What Is the SI Joint? The acronym…
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What Is Thoracic Radiculopathy?

What is Thoracic Radiculopathy? How is it diagnosed and treated? Dr. Google says this one is rare, but not based on what we have seen in the past few decades of experience with this diagnosis. Let’s dig in. What Is Thoracic Radiculopathy? The thoracic spine is your upper back, as shown below. Radiculopathy means that…
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Paragon Integrated Medical: The Scams Continue

It’s time again to explore the stem cell wild west. Today’s entry is a clinic in California, but what you’ll see here might as well be any integrative chiropractic clinic offering “stem cells”. I’ll cover two interesting models over the next two blogs on this topic that both miss the mark. Let’s dig in. Integrated…
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Knee Replacement Failures in the News

Most patients believe that a knee replacement is like replacing a worn out or broken part in your car. However, these past few years news stories have begun to appear that show the reality of what’s really happening in patients. Let’s dig in. Danette’s Story This appeared in the Washington Post about a woman with…
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Understanding How Physicians Keep Their Families Safe -The Ladder

My wife this past weekend fractured her fibula so my week was taken up by being a patient’s husband. One of the things that I think many patients need to understand is how we physicians look at medical care for our own family members. One of the rules we always follow is “the ladder”. Which…
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