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Surgery for Tethered Cord in Adults?

One of the trends I have seen these past few years is a number of people getting diagnosed with a tethered cord and getting surgery for this issue. So what is this and why would surgery be needed? Are these patients getting needed procedures or exposing themselves to serious risks they don’t need to take?…
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What Is Eagle Syndrome?

Eagle syndrome has been a hot topic among some patients lately. Why? Many have symptoms that are similar to those with this syndrome. So what is Eagle syndrome? What can be done to treat it? Let’s dig in. What Is Eagle Syndrome? Eagle syndrome was first described in 1949. It can happen when a bone…
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New Study: Some Chronic Whiplash Patients Have Spinal Cord Injuries

I’ve been treating patients with “whiplash” for decades. One of the things that has always stood out to me is that in some chronic pain patients, many aspects of their symptoms look like an incomplete spinal cord injury. The problem? Their MRI imaging doesn’t show spinal cord damage, until now. Let’s dig in. Whiplash and…
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Ask Dr. C-Episode 12-Understanding Static vs. Dynamic Imaging

I do love looking at the questions everyone submits. Today we’ll focus on a critical difference in imaging that many physicians don’t understand, but that’s critical for the average patient to understand. We’ll dive into static versus dynamic imaging. Today’s Question When looking at a cervical spine MRI, how can you tell whether any of…
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Ask Dr. C: Episode 9-Imaging Guidance and Insurance Coverage

It’s ask Dr. C time again! Here are our questions for today: When getting stem cells and PRP, is it necessary to use the guidance system or can the Doctor simply look at MRI and use it to inject? This is a great question as it gets to one of the points that I’ve been…
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How to Heal a Herniated Disc Naturally

On this page: What is a herniated disc? What is herniated disc surgery like? Can a herniated disc heal on its own? What activities should you avoid with a herniated disc? Is walking good for a herniated disc? Do supplements work? Is there another way to treat a herniated disc naturally? Do you really need…
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What Is Failed Back Syndrome?

I see lots of patients with failed back syndrome. What’s that? Why does it happen? How can it be treated? Let’s dig in. What Is Failed Back Syndrome? Back surgery is unique in medicine in that many people know someone who has had it, and it either didn’t work or they got worse. When that…
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What is Intersection Syndrome?

Intersection syndrome is a diagnosis that’s given to patients with a painful condition of the forearm and wrist. What causes this problem? How is it diagnosed? Can it be treated? If so, how? What is Intersection Syndrome? Intersection syndrome is defined by pain on the back thumb side of the wrist. This can occur in…
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