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An Artist’s Hand and Avoiding Thumb Surgery

Thumb arthritis is a major problem for all of us, but much worse for those of us who use our hands. This is the story of a revolutionary non-surgical procedure for those with CMC arthritis and an artist who got his grove back. Let’s dig in. What Is the Thumb CMC Joint? The thumb has…
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A Lateral Collateral Ligament Tear: Listen To The Patient

I often write about what I experience in the clinic. Today I’d like to tell you about a patient who has a specific injury to his lateral collateral ligament but instead was told he needed the wrong surgery. How did that happen? The surgeon paid attention to the bright shiny object on the MRI. Let’s…
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Could This Be a New Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia?

On this page: What is trigeminal neuralgia? Symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia Standard treatments for trigeminal neuralgia New treatment for trigeminal neuralgia A case study for the new treatment At Regenexx we’ve had lots of regenerative medicine firsts. Now that could include a new treatment for trigeminal neuralgia. Let’s dig in. What Is Trigeminal Neuralgia? What…
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What’s the Average Recovery Time After a PRP Injection?

On this page: How is a PRP injection different from a steroid shot? How long does it take to recover from a PRP injection? What can you not do after PRP therapy? Is the flare-up different for different types of PRP? What’s the success rate of PRP injections? Journal article on PRP injection recovery timeline…
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Types of Deltoid Ligament Injuries

On this page: What is the deltoid ligament? What is a sprain of the deltoid ligament? How do you check the deltoid ligament? What are the treatment options? Patient story of a deltoid ligament injury While most of us have heard of an outside ankle sprain, can you also have problems with the inside ankle…
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Chiari Malformation Treatment – Do You Need Surgery?

I often see patients after surgical Chiari malformation treatment. Many actually have craniocervical instability causing their problems, but mistakenly get Chiari surgery and don’t do well. In fact, I just spoke to one of these patients this week on a Telemedicine consult. I tried to explain to her that this is a procedure with significant…
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Do You Need Spondylolysis Surgery?

Do you need spondylolysis surgery? The answer is probably not. However, let’s review what your options are including new procedures that promote healing without surgery. What is Spondylolysis? Before we learn about spondylolysis surgery, we need to learn about the medical problem of spondylolysis and it’s cousin spondylolisthesis. This is a medical term derived from…
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Meniscus Tear MRI?-Please Read This

Key points: Meniscus tears in middle-aged or older people are as important as wrinkles – they are a sign of normal aging New research shows that all sorts of once serious findings exist in the knees of patients without pain Many studies now show that the most commonly used surgery to treat meniscus tears doesn’t…
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