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Calorie Restriction works in Mice, In Monkeys Not so Much…

You may have read about the monkey study testing whether long-term calorie restriction could extend human lifespans. Researchers have been testing these over and under fed monkeys for decades based on the concept that calorie restriction in mice allows them to live allot longer. The good news is that underfed monkeys are healthier and fitter than their overfed and fat counterparts.…
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How Much Fish Oil Should You Take for Your Arthritis and Stem Cells?

How much fish oil should you take? What kind of fish oil? Are certain brands better than others? In watching a documentary several years ago on Alaskan Eskimos (I was watching because of my long-time interest in Alaskan Malumute dogs) I couldn’t help but notice their meals. In particular, not only were they mostly fish,…
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Are your Food and Water Containers Forcing your Stem Cells to Turn to Fat?

 Water containers and stem cells are words we would not expect to find together, but truth being stranger than fiction, America has an obesity epidemic and it may be due to chemicals messing with our stem cells. As someone who struggled with weight as a kid, lost it in adolescence, and then regained a bunch…
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How can I get more or better Stem Cells? Top 10 List of things to do…

We often get asked how patients can get more or better stem cells, or improve the quality of their stem cells before a procedure. The research is finally at a point where there are a few pointers we can give, along with our 7 years of experience. Here’s our top 10 list. Realize that age cures many…
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What is Curcumin? Is it good for arthritis?

Is Curcumin good for arthritis?  Curcumin is an extract from the Indian spice tumeric. The supplement has been widely touted for it’s anti-inflammatory properties and it’s ability to help arthritis. However, what has been published showing that Curcumin actually really helps arthritis? What’s interesting is that many of the studies that I found for Curcumin combined it…
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