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Have Elbow Pain? Check Your Shoulder…

Baseball elbow check shoulder makes perfect sense to someone who understands biomechanics.  But to traditional American medicine, biomechanics is like an impossible to solve Rubik’s cube. The title of our Orthopedics 2.0 book is based on the concept that for physicians to truly understand orthopedic injuries, they have to throw out many of the old…read more

Entrapped Ulnar Nerve Treated through a Needle with Less Recovery Time

DD is a 51 year old athletic woman with a two year history of neck and arm/hand pain. While she had bulging discs in her neck and had Dr. Schultz perform cervical epidurals to help that issue, she continued with pain in the elbow and into her hand. She was diagnosed with ulnar neuropathy (a…read more

Exact Tennis Elbow Injections of Stem Cells using Imaging Guidance

A doctor discusses how tennis elbow can be treated using an injection using exact placement under ultrasound guidance to help patients avoid elbow surgery.

Pitcher’s elbow surgery and PRP…

A doctor discusses how to heal a ulnar collateral ligament injury with PRP injections rather than surgery.
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