Epidural Steroid Injection risks

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Dural Leaks and Epidural Injections

I like to write to educate patients as I’ve observed that educated patients recover more quickly. Today we’ll discuss Dural Leaks and Epidural injections. So let’s dig in. What Is a Dural Leak? The brain and spinal cord are surrounded by a covering called the Dura. Those structures live in a fluid called the Cerebrospinal…read more

The Steroid and Anesthetic Trick or Treat

I’ve discussed more times than I can count that the high-dose corticosteroids used every day by physicians in joints, tendons, and spinal injections are like a Halloween trick. This morning we’ll go over a survey that shows just how widespread these injections are these days. Let’s dig in. The Survey A survey was taken of…read more

What Is Thoracic Radiculopathy?

What is Thoracic Radiculopathy? How is it diagnosed and treated? Dr. Google says this one is rare, but not based on what we have seen in the past few decades of experience with this diagnosis. Let’s dig in. What Is Thoracic Radiculopathy? The thoracic spine is your upper back, as shown below. Radiculopathy means that…read more

The Curious Case of the Typical/Atypical L5-S1 Disc Herniation

In this article: Symptoms What happens when an epidural doesn’t work? Treatment This week I saw a patient with an L5-S1 disc bulge/herniation who seemed to be a mystery to his physicians but in fact, just had a slightly atypical problem that presented typically. Meaning he seemed to be a mystery in need of a…read more

Neck Pain And Dizziness: The Inner Ear Is Only Part Of The Picture

Did you know that your neck can make you dizzy? Most patients don’t know that dizziness also known as cervical vertigo and neck pain can be connected, and many physicians miss this diagnosis.[1] Why? Both patients and doctors think inner ear or brain when dizziness occurs. However, when the neck component of our balance system…read more

Neck Epidural Failed? What to Do Next…

What’s your next move if your neck epidural failed to relieve your pain or numbness? Mary-Frances is an airline pilot who was looking at more surgery and not being able to pass an FAA physical. Rather than get that second surgery, we were able to help her with the Regenexx-DDD procedure after her neck epidural…read more
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