Exosome Products Remain Unapproved Drugs: Kimera Labs

It’s no secret to anyone watching the FDA regulatory space in orthobiologics that exosomes require full FDA approval with clinical trials. However, no exosome product being sold today has that type of biologic drug approval. Despite a steady diet of FDA letters to the offending companies, one of the last shoes left to drop has…read more

PRP Is an Exosome Treatment

Exosomes are all the rage these days. The problem is that exosomes are yet another fake treatment as most of the products being used are just amniotic fluid thrown into a centrifuge. What is amniotic fluid? Mostly baby urine. We also have very little evidence that these exosome products do anything for anybody. Compare that…read more

Exosomes (Extracellular Vesicles) vs. PRP Used for Treating Orthopedic Problems

A few patients have been asking about using exosomes or extra-cellular vesicles to treat their aches and pains. As an expert in this space, knowing what I know about the research, this request doesn’t make sense. Hence, I wanted to educate everybody about this issue today. Let’s dig in. Facebook Hype Abounds The exosome hype…read more

Empire Medical Training and Dr. Buzz

Today we’ll enter into a world of medical training that frankly I didn’t know existed. In my opinion the dark underbelly of interventional pain management and orthobiologics, but one that is fueling the “stem cell wild west”. Let’s dive into Empire Medical Training and a character I have featured before, “Dr. Buzz”. That will lead…read more

What Is Supershot PRP?

Can you isolate exosomes from blood and then enhance the PRP made from that same blood to make it better? This is the intriguing question behind a product calling itself Supershot PRP. Let’s dig in. What Is an Exosome? Before we get into understanding Supershot PRP, we need to review some basics. An exosome is a…read more

Direct Biologics and Kimera Response on Exosomes: Confusing Physicians 101

If you were making big bucks selling exosome products, December of 2019 was a very bad month. The FDA came out with a rare public warning on exosome products that basically destroyed your business plan. Or did it? Is there a way you can easily recover? Sure, confuse the heck out of doctors by throwing…read more

How Much Do We Know About Exosome Therapy?

Exosome therapy has exploded in the past few years. So what is this? How do exosomes work? Are exosomes stem cells? How much do we know about whether exosomes are effective? What is Exosome Therapy? How Do Exosomes Work? Exosomes are small packets of information excreted by all living cells (1). They are literally how…read more

Exosomes, Mary Kaye, and Pink Caddys…

If you thought the fake umbilical cord stem cell industry was bizarre, “you ain’t seen nothing yet”. Come with me as I take a tour down the rabbit hole of exosome marketing that may or may not come with a pink caddy. Let me explain… What Are Exosomes? Exosomes are tiny little packets of information…read more
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