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ABC News Regenexx Knee Stem Cell Success Highlighted

ABC News / Good Morning America recently featured a 72 year-old Centeno-Schultz Clinic patient that underwent two Regenexx-AD and Regenexx-SD treatments. “It’s revolutionary in my mind that my knee corrected after only two treatments. I’m so impressed that you could place my own stem cells in precisely the right place using ultra sound, and that…read more

Regenexx-SCP Patient Back to Training Hard

Regenexx Reviews: Regenexx-SCP Patient Back to Training John S. benefited from Regenexx-SCP after a snow mobile accident caused a torn medial meniscus and MCL. “…I’m back on the road bike logging lots of base miles and looking forward to a great cycling season! Thanks Doc! NO SURGERY NEEDED!” We’re thrilled John S was able to avoid…read more

Regenexx SD Reviews: Regenexx-SD Helps an Unlikely Candidate

Regenexx SD Reviews MW was told he was a “poor candidate”for a Regenexx-SD procedure on his knee.  But knowing he wanted to avoid a knee replacement, he decided to go for it anyway.  I am very thankful things worked out so well for MW, but not all “poor candidates” for Regenexx -SD knee procedures can…read more

Regenexx SD Patient Reviews: Pain-Free & Active Again

 “…I’m happy to report that my knee is doing GREAT.  Before the procedure, my knee felt completely unstable…Now I’m able to do just about anything without any pain at all.  I’m absolutely thrilled with the results I’ve experienced.“

Regenexx-SD Featured in ColoradoBiz Journal

A physician discusses a recent ColoradoBiz article on using the patient's own stem cells to help arthritis pain.
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