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Toe Joint Fusion Recovery: One Patient’s Story

On this page: Big toe arthritis and hallux rigidus Problems with toe joint fusion A patient’s story This week I met a patient who had a toe joint fusion. However, this was a disaster of sorts. The good news was that her toe felt better, but the bad news was that her ankle felt worse.…
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Why Do My Toes Spread Apart When Walking?

On this page: The transverse metatarsal ligament Why toes spread apart when walking A patient with “mushy” forefoot How to treat your feet without surgery The front of your foot is critical for establishing a stable base of support for walking. So what happens when, instead, it’s a mushy mess? For example, if you have…
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PRP vs Steroids for Plantar Fasciitis

Steroid injections for painful body parts are a medical standard that represents the worst of traditional medicine. Why? Steroids are toxic substances to the body that also happen to be powerful anti-inflammatories. Now the latest study of steroid injections versus platelet rich plasma (PRP) has hopefully put another nail in the proverbial steroid coffin. Let…
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A Jiu-Jitsu Toe Injury in a Physician That Turned into Mild Arthritis: How We Fixed It…

We have always treated a very high number of medical providers, like doctors, nurses, and physical therapists. Why? Physicians and other health professionals dig a bit deeper than others when looking at new technologies, and there’s simply much more under the “Regenexx Hood” than any other clinic using stem cells to treat orthopedic injury. Case…
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Gastrocnemius Recession Review: Should You Get This Invasive Surgery?

In this article: Overview PRP research on Achilles tendinopathy PRP injection for heel pain Research on gastrocnemius recession I have a list of surgeries that I classify as something like “They did what to you?” One of those is called gastrocnemius recession, a procedure that is increasingly being used to treat heel pain. Recently, a…
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New Research: Your Achilles Tendon Is an Efficient and Twisted Mess

As a physician, like every other doctor, I was taught that the Achilles was the biggest single tendon in the human body. The first day of medical school I was also told that half of everything they would teach me would eventually be proven wrong. So this past week, researchers added yet another thing that…
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Why Do My Shoes Wear Out More Quickly on the Outside Heel?

On this page: Foot strike: pronation vs. supination How irritated back nerves can lead to supination How to treat foot supination I wear out shoes very quickly. In fact, I’ve worn down one pair of black dress shoes about 50% more on the heel on the outside, so I no longer wear them. Do you…
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What to Do About a Big Toe That’s Curved Inward

On this page: Causes of a big toe curved inward Treatment for pain and arthritis in the big toe Prevent a big toe curved inward from getting worse As we age, the big toe can begin to bend sideways. You may not visually notice it at first, but as it gradually worsens, not only will…
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