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Plantar Fasciitis Steroid Injection Side Effects: Platelets Decimate Steroids in Effectively Treating Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis steroid injection side effects? Plantar fasciitis is a problem involving the tough supporting structure on the bottom of the foot. It anchors in the heel and when this area is over loaded (or when nerves in the back are irritated), it can become sore and make it tough to walk (especially in the mornings).…
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Why Deal with Big Toe Surgery Recovery? Almost 3 Years Out from a Simple Stem Cell Injection and Still Trucking!

Can a simple injection of stem cells into an arthritic big toe make a difference? Big toe surgery recovery can be rough. When the big toe gets arthritis, it can cause the toe to become stiff and painful. Since we use the big toe to push off when we walk, the arthritis can impact your…
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Does Running in those Strange Foot Glove Thingies Help?

You’ve probably seen people wearing those strange foot glove things with the rubber covered toes. Living in Boulder Colorado, we get these sports trends pretty early, so I’ve been staring at them for about 5 years it seems. At first, I immediately got the premise, barefoot is better, so why not take a minimalist approach…
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Toe Cramps and Back Pain? My Mother’s Story

How do toe cramps connect to back pain? Most patients with toe cramps believe that they have some sort of nutritional problem, despite many of them actually having a low back issue. In these cases, small amounts of nerve irritation in the low back can cause the muscles in the toe to cramp. This is where…
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Orthotics and Knee Pain? Big Study gets It Wrong…

Orthotics Knee Pain? I’ve blogged before on the debate over whether orthotics help knee pain or knee arthritis. A very large study that looked at foot positioning and knee pain recently found that there was an association for flat feet. This fit with a 2011 study showing the same thing. Now a New England Journal of Medicine…
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NBA Players Find that there is No Such Thing as Achilles Tendon Surgery Recovery-Why Are We Still Operating on Many Achilles Tendon Tears?

A recent study published this past week showed that NBA basketball players with an Achilles tendon tear rarely return to high level play despite arguably the best and most sophisticated surgical care on earth. Huh? I thought if anybody could engineer an Achilles tendon surgery recovery, it would be these guys. At the end of the…
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Are Your Flat Feet Causing Your Knee Pain?

The Framingham study group, best known for it’s large heart health study, is turning out to be a treasure trove of orthopedic data as well. This is the group that figured out that knee meniscus tears are as common and about as significant in middle aged and elderly people as grey hair. Now they’ve taken a…
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How Your Back May Be Causing Your Bunions and a Bunion Surgery Alternative

Bunion surgery is big business. Is there a bunion surgery alternative? To see if that’s possible, we first have to understand why bunions occur in the first place. In my clinical experience, a big cause is a back problem that causes the stabilizing muscles of the foot to weaken. How does that work? The nerves in your…
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