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Ankle Taping 101: How To Wrap A Sprained Ankle

I sprained my ankle and trashed my lateral ligaments many years ago, and became dependent on athletic tape to function until I discovered PRP (platelet-rich plasma). I had two treatments one month apart and have been ankle wrap free until recently.  My joints and ligaments have become beat up from a lifetime of being active…
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Deltoid Ligament Injury

While most of us have heard of an outside ankle sprain, can you also have problems with the inside ankle ligaments? That’s called deltoid ligament injury and let’s dive into what happens and how to treat that problem without surgery. What Is The Deltoid Ligament? Your ankle has ligaments on the outside and the inside.…
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Toe Joint Fusion Recovery: One Patient’s Story

This week I met a patient who had a toe joint fusion. However, this was a disaster of sorts. The good news was that her toe felt better, but the bad news was that her ankle felt worse. Why? Because her toe joint fusion recovery was a long-drawn-out process that forced energy from her toe…
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Ankle Ligament Surgery? Do You Really Need it?

Do you need surgery for a torn ligament in the ankle? What is ankle reconstruction surgery? How long is the recovery from ankle surgery? Let’s dig in. Which Ankle Ligaments? The ankle ligaments that are most commonly injured are the ones on the outside. I have highlighted these in yellow in the image on the…
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Pain in the Back of The Heel?

As a physician who practices interventional orthopedics, I see many patients each month with pain in the back of the heel. What are the common causes of this problem? How can it be fixed? Let’s dig in. What’s in The Back of the Heel that Could Cause Pain? Calcaneus The bone at the back of…
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Inside Ankle Collapse: Why is This Happening and What To Do…

I both love and hate getting older. The one part of getting older I do like is that I get to experience on a first-hand basis all of the stuff my patients present with. There is no better way to hone your skills than seeing it all happen in yourself. Up this week is my…
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5 Ways to Treat Plantar Fasciitis That Your Doctor Never Told You About

Plantar fasciitis can cause miserable heel pain. Treatments are often surgical, but there are nonsurgical solutions. Here are 5 Ways to treat plantar fasciitis that your doctor never told you about...

Torn Ankle Ligament Surgery: The Hammer and the Nail Effect

Do you really need torn ankle ligament surgery? Most of the time the ligament isn't as torn as you were lead to believe...
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