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The Amazing Collapsing Boy

Our children are collapsing under the weight of gravity. Why? They look down all day at screens. For some, this is a major problem now, and for others, this will be a problem in the future. So this morning I'll talk about Seth, whom I'll call the amazing collapsing boy. For something new, I'll also have Cole Bros Fitness weigh in on how they deal with the epidemic of collapsing children using exercise.

Memo to Orthopedic Surgeons: Stop Missing Ankle Instability!

Dr. Centeno commonly sees ankle instability missed, which leads to ankle arthritis that could have been prevented.

A New Ankle Ligament Complex We Never Knew About

What we already know about the ankle ligaments is that there are many ligaments making up two known ligament complexes in the ankle. Now, a new study has discovered a third ankle ligament complex we never knew about: the lateral fibulotalocalcaneal ligament complex.

Why Do My Toes Spread Apart When Walking?

On this page: The transverse metatarsal ligament Why toes spread apart when walking A patient with “mushy” forefoot How to treat your feet without surgery The front of your foot is critical for establishing a stable base of support for walking. So what happens when, instead, it’s a mushy mess? For example, if you have…
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Why Do My Shoes Wear Out More Quickly on the Outside Heel?

On this page: Foot strike: pronation vs. supination How irritated back nerves can lead to supination How to treat foot supination I wear out shoes very quickly. In fact, I’ve worn down one pair of black dress shoes about 50% more on the heel on the outside, so I no longer wear them. Do you…
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What to Do About a Big Toe That’s Curved Inward

On this page: Causes of a big toe curved inward Treatment for pain and arthritis in the big toe Prevent a big toe curved inward from getting worse As we age, the big toe can begin to bend sideways. You may not visually notice it at first, but as it gradually worsens, not only will…
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Why Is My Big Toe Numb?

On this page: Causes of a pinched nerve Other issues that can affect the big toe If your big toe is numb or if you’re having on-again, off-again episodes of numbness, consider this a warning sign of something bigger — like a pinched or irritated nerve in your low back. Big toe numbness can also…
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The Knee Bone’s Connected to the Ankle Bone

When patients come in with a knee problem, they’re often confused when we start examining their ankle. It turns out the writers of the old song “The Knee Bone’s Connected to the Ankle Bone” were wiser than the obvious connection as a knee and an ankle are simply specialized parts of the same machine, and…
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