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Ankle Sore After Walking? What’s Wrong and How to Fix It

On this page: Ankle anatomy Why does my ankle hurt when I walk? What is ankle instability? How do you treat ankle instability? Our ankles have a big job to do, carrying around the weight of our entire body, certainly more than other weight-bearing joints, like our hips and knees. If everything is normal in…
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Is Playing on a Sprained Ankle Safe?

On this page: What is an ankle sprain? What is joint instability? What happens if you play on a sprained ankle? How can a doctor tell if you have an unstable ankle? How can you treat these lax ankle ligaments? I can’t tell you how many trashed ankles we have seen through the years because the…
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How to Heal a Torn Tendon Naturally: The Type of Tear Matters

On this page: What is a tendon or ligament made of? What are the types of tendon and tears? A patient story The patient’s MRI above is from clinic yesterday. It’s of an ankle tendon, but it might as well be a shoulder, knee, or hip tendon or ligament. The problem was that this patient…
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Plantar Fasciitis Release Surgery is a Bad Idea

Have you ever had Plantar Fasciitis? It’s one of those truly painful things that every inflight airline catalogue has 5 different gadgets to fix. Well it turns out that any one of those gadgets would be better than Plantar Fasciitis Release Surgery, according to the results of a recent study. Plantar fasciitis is a problem involving the…
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Ankle Sprain Knee Pain? The Ankle Bone’s Connected to the Knee Bone…

What if you have ankle sprain knee pain? More precisely, what if you have an ankle injury and later develop knee pain; are they connected? Will your doctor connect the dots? Regrettably, my medical doctor brethren are generally horrible at thinking bio mechanically. A 37 year old personal trainer I just saw in clinic is…
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Grade 3 Ankle Ligament Sprain: Surgery vs. Bracing

A doctor discusses whether the medical research supports whether grade III ankle ligament sprains should be surgically repaired (ankle surgery) or treated without surgery.

Getting Rid of a Bone Spur with a Needle

A doctor discusses a new way to remove bone spurs in the ankle without the need for surgery.
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