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Hand Arthritis Surgery Alternative: Which Works Better-Cultured or Same Day Stem Cells?

Are one type of stem cells a better hand arthritis surgery alternative than the other? I’ve been continuing our data analysis of 2013/2014 patient results using our advanced treatment registry, now moving onto comparing patient results in certain body areas by stem cell procedure type. In this infographic above (released yesterday), our results with same…
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New Stem Cell Hand Arthritis Data

In keeping with the focus on the 2013 registry download, here’s new stem cell hand arthritis data, which is the data from a group of patients with mostly severe thumb arthritis who were injected with their own stem cells. Most of these patients would have been candidates for a less than perfect thumb joint replacement…
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Thumb Surgery Alternative: Thumb Surgery Recovery vs. an Injection for Arthritis

How does the thumb surgery alternative of an injection of super concentrated platelets into the thumb joint compare with thumb surgery recovery? For starters, the thumb surgery alternative involves an injection which has minimal recovery time while thumb surgery recovery takes months. CN is a 77 year old man with a long history of left thumb pain after a…
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Trigger Finger Injection helps Patient Avoid Surgery

Can a trigger finger injection help without surgery? SM is a young elderly woman who is a bus driver. Through the years she developed triggering and catching when she moved her middle fingers. She became unable to flex that finger more than about half way and noticed her fingers locking and catching more in the…
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Entrapped Ulnar Nerve Treated through a Needle with Less Recovery Time

DD is a 51 year old athletic woman with a two year history of neck and arm/hand pain. While she had bulging discs in her neck and had Dr. Schultz perform cervical epidurals to help that issue, she continued with pain in the elbow and into her hand. She was diagnosed with ulnar neuropathy (a…
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One Journalist’s Personal Hand Stem Cell Story

One Journalist’s Personal Hand Stem Cell Story…  I often find that many times, that it’s better to let our patients tell their own stories. As I have said in numerous blog posts, we can’t help everyone, but we try hard for our patients. This patient is a writer with hand arthritis who works for an…
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Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis with Stem Cells

LZ is a 43 year old woman with rheumatoid arthritis who was evaluated by us last year with a history of debilitating right foot pain and rheumatoid arthritis. She originally sought us out because she wanted a foot and ankle surgery alternative. Imaging and exam demonstrated that she had severe arthritis in the talonavicular joint of the foot.…
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