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There’s a Reason Success Rates for Wrist Replacement Are So Low: It Isn’t the Answer!

You never realize how big a deal your hands are until something goes wrong with them and all of a sudden you can’t write, carry things, or type without pain. There are few good treatment options for problems with wrist arthritis and pain at the base of the thumb, and a recent study showing a scary low…
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New Procedures for Thumb Arthritis Relief

Our new video on thumb arthritis relief is a great example of how we roll here at Regenexx. While some technologies that we offer have done better than others throughout the years, we have continued to focus on this procedure to try and produce the best possible results. Because of that, the thumb arthritis treatment we offer today is…
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Nerve Regeneration – The Future Doesn’t Involve Surgery

Regenexx first began treating injured nerves using orthobiologics delivered via ultrasound guidance in 2012. However, the concept that a precise injection can help nerve regeneration was so revolutionary that we were reluctant to really shout it from the roof tops until we had enough experience under our belt to be sure that it was working. After a few years of…
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Annual Regenexx Network Conference This Thursday!

As I blogged this weekend, this is a big week here in Colorado and part of that is welcoming our network providers for a conference on Regenexx and then two advanced skills courses next week. In preparing for these CORE skills courses this weekend, I realized just how special what we’ve accomplished really is –…
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Avoid Carpal Tunnel Surgery

I was performing a carpal tunnel hydrodissection yesterday using an ultra high resolution ultrasound trying to help a patient with carpal tunnel syndrome avoid carpal tunnel surgery when I thought to myself, this is pretty cool. I have a 1 inch tiny needle, the smallest caliber made in the US and I’m injecting our 3rd…
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The Evolution of a Thumb Arthritis Surgery Alternative: Cell Therapies Are Only a Tool

Thumb arthritis is an epidemic in our keyboard heavy and text savvy society. However, thumb arthritis in this area isn’t fully baked, leaving many patients to seek a thumb arthritis surgery alternative. In addition, our quest for an injection procedure that could replace surgery demonstrates a critical point about the future of cell therapies –…
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Thumb Arthritis Surgery Recovery: What a Mess…

We can help the majority of patients with thumb arthritis without the need for invasive surgery. However, we also see some patients we can’t help. One such patient tried a platelet injection to avoid a protracted thumb arthritis surgery recovery and this didn’t help. So rather than moving on to the next step in our…
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Carpal Tunnel Alternative Treatment: Your Nerves Were Made to Move!

Most patients and physicians think of nerves as static and immobile wires that transmit information. However, despite this conceptualization, your nerves were in fact designed to be very stretchy and mobile. In fact, new research is giving us information on which to base a new paradigm of carpal tunnel alternative treatment – it’s all about nerve…
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