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Regenexx Publishes New Thumb Arthritis Study

Thumb arthritis is a big problem these days due to computer use and texting. We’ve been treating the thumb CMC joint with thumb arthritis stem cell procedures for many years with very good results. This is an exacting and precise injection of the patients own stem cells into this small hand joint. Last year an old…
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Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery: Does Cutting the Ligament Have Consequences?

Carpal tunnel surgery has become a standard surgical treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome, a problem that occurs when the median nerve gets chronically pinched at the wrist. The surgery is simple, cut the ligament that normally covers the carpal tunnel to give the nerve more breathing room. However, does cutting the transverse carpal ligament (TCL)…
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Does Being Pregnant Cause Thumb Arthritis Later in Life?

Does being pregnant cause thumb arthritis later in life?  Thumb arthritis can be associated with capsular ligament laxity. What does that mean? The ligaments that hold the base of the thumb joint together (CMC joint), help to guide the joint surfaces to allow smooth movement. When they get loose from wear and tear or injury,…
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A Video on Thumb Arthritis Treatment and Diagnosis…

How do you decide on the correct Thumb Arthritis Treatment? This week in clinic, I examined a patient who had injured her thumb skiing a few years back and now had the beginnings of arthritis. Since the arthritis was mild, our focus was treating it with the Regenexx-SCP procedure. However, as I went through the diagnostic work-up, it hit me…
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More than 40% of CMC Hand Joint Replacement Patients Suffer Complications

Hand joint replacement surgeries are relatively new. One of the newest artificial hand joints on the market is the Artelon. This is actually an artificial spacer that’s meant to take the place of the coiled hand tendon that’s normally used with traditional hand arthritis surgery. It’s basically a biomaterial that’s supposed to degrade over a number of years, like the tendon.…
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Thumb Surgery Alternative: Thumb Surgery Recovery vs. an Injection for Arthritis

How does the thumb surgery alternative of an injection of super concentrated platelets into the thumb joint compare with thumb surgery recovery? For starters, the thumb surgery alternative involves an injection which has minimal recovery time while thumb surgery recovery takes months. CN is a 77 year old man with a long history of left thumb pain after a…
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Can We Regenerate a Radial Nerve with a Regenexx-PL Nerve Hydrodissection under Ultrasound Guidance?

Can we help a patient with radial nerve palsy due to a humerus fracture get back function by using sophisticated nerve imaging and injections to break up scar tissue around the nerve and provide healing growth factors? I’ve blogged on this before and I’ve tried to be a bit reserved, but I’ve seen patients who…
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Trigger Finger Injection helps Patient Avoid Surgery

Can a trigger finger injection help without surgery? SM is a young elderly woman who is a bus driver. Through the years she developed triggering and catching when she moved her middle fingers. She became unable to flex that finger more than about half way and noticed her fingers locking and catching more in the…
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