Hip Impingement

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Hip Labral Tear? Causes of Pain After Hip Arthroscopy

On this page: Increases in hip arthroscopy rates Portal syndrome Other things that can cause hip pain Patient story of hip pain after surgery The animated GIF below may drive you a bit nutty if you watch it long enough, but it’s crucial nonetheless. Arthroscopic hip surgery to treat a labral tear is frequently billed…read more

Removing Hip Bone Spurs in Hip Impingement Surgery No Better Than Doing Nothing

Hip impingement as a diagnosis freaks people out. They can envision that bone spurs on their hips are wearing away cartilage with every single move. It’s a horrifying idea. This is despite many studies showing that loads of patients without hip pain have all sorts of MRI findings that a surgeon would operate on if…read more

5 Questions About Hip Arthroscopy for Hip Impingement

Hip arthroscopy for hip impingement or a labral tear is more invasive than you’ve been led to believe. Add to that a laundry list of side effects and the wealth of research showing poor results, especially in patients with arthritis, and you have to wonder why anyone chooses to go through it. If you are considering hip…read more

Do you Really Have Hip FAI or CAM Impingement?

A physician discusses how an MRI reading that says the patient has hip FAI or impingement may not correspond to a real diagnosis or the hip impinging and a need for hip surgery.

How Accurate is an MRI for Diagnosing Hip FAI?

MRI is a great tool to help diagnose injury to the soft tissues like cartilage, meniscus, labrum, tendons, etc… However, sometimes it’s too much information and the data it provides doesn’t need to be acted upon. A great example is the recent study showing that 60% of middle aged to elderly patients without active knee…read more
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