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How Well Do Hip Replacements Work? New Research Raises Questions…

You can’t watch TV or cruise the Internet without seeing ads for Hip Replacement surgery where you see active people doing everything from riding bikes to climbing mountains. Heck, these ads are even on the buses where I live. However, how realistic is that? Today we’ll focus on new Hip Replacement research that doesn’t really…read more

Hip Replacement or Back Fusion First? Timing Matters When Considering Risks

One of the clinical scenarios where bone marrow concentrate doesn’t work well is severe hip arthritis. In these cases, we often tell patients to get a hip replacement. However, it’s critical to understand that the body is connected, so for example, getting a back fusion may impact your hip replacement. Before I share the newest…read more

Hip Replacement vs Hip Resurfacing: Differences and Risks

You'd think hip resurfacing would have fewer complications than the more extreme hip replacement, but, unfortunately, when considering hip resurfacing instead of hip replacement, much of the literature isn't pretty.

Will a Hip Replacement Lower My Risk of Falls?

It’s hard to imagine when you’re young and healthy, but the single biggest cause of death among otherwise healthy elderly people is falling. Hence, fall prevention is a big deal. Researchers recently set out to discover whether getting your hip replaced would help reduce falls. What they found makes sense. My Neighbors I live in…read more

Hip Replacement Side Effects from MOM Hip Implants Just Keep Piling Up

We just blogged a few days ago about the hip replacement side effects from metal-on-metal (MOM) hip implants, and already there’s a new complication to toss on the MOM hip implant garbage heap. During the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons annual meeting this week, presenter Dr. Stephen Graves shared research results concluding that the risk of heart…read more

My Hip X-ray is Bad so this Means I Need My Hip Replaced, Right? Not So Much…

Almost all patients and many physicians still treat x-ray and MRI images like the Oracle of Delphi, yet study after study continues to show that there isn’t great correlation between what we see on these images and pain. The most recent entry in this debate was just published last month and it shows how few…read more

High Chromium Levels in a Hip Replacement Patient

Is there such a thing as hip replacement chromium poisoning? I’ve blogged before about how wear particles in all types of joint replacements can make their way into the blood stream. Researchers have found metal ions in the blood of knee replacement patients. They also now advise allergy testing against the most common metals used in hip and…read more
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