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Hip Labrum Tear Stem Cell Procedure: It’s What We Do Every Day

With all of the magic stem cell clinics popping up willing to hook you up to an IV or give you a blind injection of dead amniotic or cord “stem cells,” it’s sometimes hard for patients to understand just how different what we do every day at Regenexx is when compared to these clinics. Given…
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Loose Hip Joint? It Could be Your Ligamentum Teres

Since we invented orthopedic stem cell injections at Regenexx, we still do a lot of inventing. Our physicians are constantly innovating so that we can replace invasive surgeries with precise injections. This morning I’d like to discuss how a precise X-ray guided injection of the ligamentum teres can help patients with a loose hip joint.…
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Who Knew That the Hip Was Impacted by the Back?

Your body is connected, a fact that modern medicine often ignores. Why? It’s easiest as a physician to focus on the spot where it hurts. However, when we make changes to the body through surgery, it has impacts. This morning I’d like to review a study that shows that surgically fusing the low back for…
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Loose Ligamentum Teres? A New Injection May Help

The ligamentum teres, which lives in your hip, is the red-headed stepchild of ligaments. I say that because most doctors couldn’t tell you where it lives, and the ones who know it’s in the hip mostly ignore it. Yet this ligament is critical for hip stability in dancers, figure skaters, and other athletes who use…
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If You Need a Hip Replacement, Get Your Low Back Fixed First!

It’s always great to see enlightened physicians tying together how one part of the body impacts the other. We’ve done a great disservice to patients by educating them that their knee, hip, and spine are separate instead of all one big machine. Now a recent study shows us yet another connection between the low back…
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Hip Arthritis X-Ray Not Associated with Pain?

I love studies that question our belief systems in orthopedics, and this new one is a doozy. Several years ago, orthopedic guidelines shifted from requiring a knee or hip MRI to recommend a knee or hip replacement to just requiring X-rays. Now, a new study questions whether that’s a smart idea. Basically, it didn’t find an…
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Can’t Put on Socks? Why This Could Be a Bad Sign

On this page: Hip range of motion and why it’s critical Why is it a big deal if you can’t put on socks? What if you don’t have much hip pain? What do I do if I notice this problem? I see patients every day who have lost hip range of motion and can’t put on…
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Pain in the Side of the Hip: What’s Wrong and How to Fix It

I see what this woman is doing in the video all the time at the health club, people rolling out the side of their hip. You’ve probably seen it, too, or, perhaps, you are one of those people. So why are they doing it? It’s not because it’s a new fitness fad; it’s because after…
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