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The Regenexx-C Procedure 11 Years Down the Road

Blog readers, as you know, these days I tend to only blog on those results that surprise me. I see patients every day that are doing great who have compelling stories about how they avoided big surgeries, but there’s so much to cover on the blog that unless something really sticks out, it doesn’t make…
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Professional Snowboarder Taylor Gold Reveals His Regenexx Stem Cell Treatment

We have treated many pro and college athletes through the years, but often they don’t want to talk about their treatment. Taylor Gold is an Olympic snowboarder who has been dogged by injuries and ineffective surgeries for years. This week he reported to his local newspaper his very personal story of recovery using the advanced…
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A Look into the Future…Knee Arthritis Treatment 2027

This week, a woman we treated six years ago in Grand Cayman with her own culture-expanded MSCs was seen back at the Colorado clinic. Before I talk about her result, I thought this morning that while we’re sitting here in 2018, this blog is really about what will be all the rage in the late…
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Another ACL Stem Cell Procedure Result

Yesterday I posted our new ACL stem cell study that was just published, Hence, today I’ll publish a new ACL stem cell procedure result of our precise image guided injection Perc-ACLR procedure, from one of our affiliated clinics. After all, what you can prove in an academic paper has to be able to be taught…
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Mountain Climbing with Bad Knees: Chamonix After Knee Stem Cell Procedures

I love getting pics or videos of our patients doing the things they love due to a Regenexx procedure. This is Mike’s story, who just sent this great video of himself mountain climbing in France. That’s because Mike was losing the ability to do things like this and was looking at a knee replacement until…
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What’s Possible with Stem Cell Cartilage Regrowth?

As you may have read some time ago, I got to experience what a cartilage lesion can be like in a young person when my son was 14. On a separate note, yesterday, I looked at the before and after MRIs of a twentysomething we had treated and at the same time got a video of…
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Another ACL Stem Cell Home Run: 5 Things to Remember to Ensure Success

Another day, another MRI of a patient whose ACL was destined to be ripped out and replaced, but due to an ultraprecise stem cell injection procedure, the damaged structure is healing and the patient will keep his own ligament. I’ve posted so many of these that it’s becoming commonplace to see these ACL tears heal…
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Knee Stem Cell Reviews: Meet Dion and Rocky

As a doctor, there are patients you treat who just walk out the door and you never hear back. The good news is that we have a registry, so if they respond to the multiple pings for outcome data, that information will get recorded. But having it live in a database isn’t, of course, as interesting…
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