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6 Year Knee Stem Cell Update: Unstoppable!

This 6 year knee stem cell update pic sent to us from one of Dr. Schultz’s patients at the Centeno Schultz Clinic in Colorado has to be one of my favorites. The expression on Craig’s face says it all! Craig first posted this comment on Facebook: “100+ days on the snow, still a competitive water…
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The Difference Between Amniotic Stem Cell Scams and Regenexx

There are many differences between real innovative stem cell care and the chiropractic clinic Amniotic Stem Cell Scams using dead amniotic stem cells. One of those is Candidacy grading. This means that the physician offering the care has extensive data that he can reference to determine whether or not the patient is a Good, Fair,…
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Running on Pins and Needles: Cartilage Holes in My 17-Year-Old

Several years ago, my oldest son began reporting knee pain and limping. That began a long ordeal that finally ended yesterday. Let me explain. My Son’s Knees My oldest son is named after my father. He was a premature twin that weighed 2 pounds 4 ounces and came home from the hospital on oxygen. Hence,…
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New Patient Outcome App: We’re Upping Our Own Game

We’ve always published our outcomes. What’s bizarre is that few other clinics have followed suit. Maybe it’s because we’ve been doing this work longer than any other clinic. Now we’re upping our game again with a level of transparency that doesn’t exist for any other stem cell clinic—real-time outcomes that patients can access online. Outcomes and…
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Culture Expanded Stem Cells for Knee Arthritis

I evaluated an interesting patient down at our Cayman Islands advanced stem cell practice site recently in that his MRI changes were fascinating. While I see patients every day who are improving and have great stories, many times I just don’t have the time to write up what’s happening. However, every once in a while,…
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Regenexx Knee Stem Cell Recovery: Paying It Forward…

Social Media is a great tool, as it allows us to hear from people in ways we would not otherwise. Six months ago we heard from Joseph through Facebook, inquiring about whether we sold Regenexx tee shirts. He had just had a procedure, and wanted to wear it as an opportunity to talk about his…
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Regenexx ProActive: Tony’s Amazing Push-the-Envelope Life!

When I first met Tony, he was amazing in every way. At age 60-plus, he told me he had injured his shoulder while working on the rings. On the what? Turns out that the gymnastic rings were merely just another challenge for Tony to conquer, mere baby steps compared to the physically demanding and dangerous stuff…
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Ferrari Race Car Driver Opts for Meniscus Stem Cell Treatment

I’ve always had a special place in my 15-year-old heart for Ferrari red, so it’s fun to have a real Ferrari race car driver as a patient of Regenexx. It’s also great that as the evidence base for meniscus surgery crumbles, new noninvasive ways, like our meniscus stem cell treatment, are pioneered. Martin’s story will…
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