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6 Years Out from a Regenexx Knee Procedure…

We received this 6-year Regenexx knee procedure update on our Facebook page from a patient 20 miles into a bike ride! I’ll let Paul tell his story… I had my knees done 6 years ago by Dr. Schultz at Regenexx in the Colorado Clinic. 2 ortho doctors said I need to replace both. Dr. Schultz…read more

Watch a Meniscus Treatment Using Precise Interventional Orthopedics

In order to understand what a Regenexx interventional orthopedic treatment involves, there’s nothing quite like joining us in a procedure suite to watch it for yourself. Today, I invite you in to observe a meniscus treatment as Dr. Pitts performs advanced precise image-guided injections into both the meniscus and the patella tendon. The patient is…read more

Inspiring Others to “Take Their Life Back”

I love hearing from patients who have been treated by a Regenexx facility, regardless of the outcome. To that end, I recently received a message from one of our knee patients whose video had inspired another patient to seek Regenexx treatment for his knee. That patient posted his story this recently on Facebook in hopes…read more

How Stem Cells Saved the Soccer Ref’s Game

They’re the guys that are sometimes invisible and sometimes the point of sporting ire. The referee is a critical part of sports and arguably some of the most athletic have to be soccer refs, as they can run miles in each game chasing the ball and plays around the field. This morning I’d like to highlight…read more

Legendary Kiteboarder Still Flies Thanks to Stem Cells

Some people really are like superheroes in that they’re fearless and have mastered an extreme sport that leaves us mortals in awe. So when I first saw Dimitri’s kiteboarding video, I chuckled at his amazing feats and just said, “Wow!”. That was even more satisfying because I knew that Dimitri was facing arthroscopic knee surgery…read more

Cyndi’s Knee Stem Cell Injection Results: Conquering Snowmass Mountain

When we hear about someone conquering mountains nowadays, more often than not, the phrase is symbolic—a dream job that seemed out of reach is realized, the underdog college football team takes down the Goliath team in the national championships, the boy gets the girl who is completely out of his league, and so on. Occasionally,…read more

Regenexx SD Knee Update: Joe Young Going Strong!

We track patients in a Registry which tracks pain and function scores and outcome over time, and guides research and treatment decisions…but we love hearing directly from our pateints! This Regenexx SD knee update made us smile! Readers of this blog will remember Joseph Young. Whether you are a parent, or have a parent, I’m…read more

4 Year Knee Stem Cell Procedure Update: Our Amazing Patients

One of the great things about pioneering interventional orthopedics is the amazing people we meet and have the privilege to treat. Right off the bat, our patients are brave individuals who take the initiative to figure out what’s best for their health and ignore doctors who tell them  surgery is their only option! They are moms…read more
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