Knee Replacement

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Stem Cell Knee Procedures: Are They Worth It?

You can’t turn around these days without seeing an ad for miracle stem cell knee injections. However, these ads bring up many questions. Does stem cell therapy work for knees? Can stem cells repair knee cartilage? Is stem cell therapy for knees covered by insurance? How long does stem cell therapy last for knees? The…read more

The Age of Patients Getting Knee and Hip Replacements Continues to Decrease

In the world of orthopedics, one thing that seemed to come with the turn of the new millennium was more aggressive marketing tactics. Device manufacturers (those who produce artificial knees and hips) have led the pack here with ad campaigns leading arthritis sufferers to envision a return to the full activities of their youth…and all…read more

More Hip and Knee Replacement Side Effects: Significant Increases in Bleeding Stomach Ulcers

Hip and knee replacement side effects are in the news again.  Most patients believe that a knee or hip replacement surgery is like getting a new part in their car… nothing could be farther from the truth. Recent research has shown that knee and hip replacement procedures are associated with a dramatic increase in stroke…read more

Helping a Severely Degenerated Knee with Stem Cells

Can a knee stem cell injection help a severely degenerated knee?  DS is a 50 year old woman who was first seen in April of 2011 for knee pain on both sides. In the early 90’s she had a torn ACL with a second tear in her meniscus and underwent surgery to treat both areas.…read more

Do Knee Replacement Patients have a Dramatically Increased Risk for Certain Cancers?

A doctor discusses research showing large elevations in the risk for certain types of cancer in patients who had knee replacement surgery.
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