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Common Meniscus Surgery Causes Arthritis: Please Stop This Surgery!

One of the most common orthopedic surgeries on earth is partial meniscectomy. This surgery has been shown in many different trials to be ineffective, and now it has a new distinction. It’s also been found in a high-level randomized controlled trial to cause arthritis. Let’s dig in. Meniscus Surgery Side Effects: We Already Know Partial…
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How I Fixed My Kneecap Pain in Seconds

I’m down in Grand Cayman seeing patients at our licensed advanced practice site and injured my right knee yesterday. I was pretty bummed as my family was coming down and I could barely walk. However, I eventually fixed it with a simple therapy that can teach you how the kneecap works. What happened and how…
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What’s Causing Your Side of Knee Pain? Let’s Focus on the Outside

Do you have pain on the side of your knee? All kinds of things may be going through your mind, but what could actually be causing it? Many things, including the tendons, the meniscus, the bone, or even the nerves can cause side of knee pain. In fact, the pain may not even relate to…
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Why Are We Still Offering Meniscus Tear Patients Surgery? This Is Getting Nutty

If you read this blog, you have seen that we now have gobs of high-level evidence showing that surgery for the vast majority of meniscus tears in middle-aged patients is a fool’s errand. Despite this, the procedure is still the most common elective orthopedic surgery in the U.S. Now we have brand-new research that also weighs…
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A Look into the Future…Knee Arthritis Treatment 2027

This week, a woman we treated six years ago in Grand Cayman with her own culture-expanded MSCs was seen back at the Colorado clinic. Before I talk about her result, I thought this morning that while we’re sitting here in 2018, this blog is really about what will be all the rage in the late…
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Why Regenexx Makes Sense for Your Company

It’s hard to fully understand the morass that is modern health care. It’s a mess, which is why we have launched our Regenexx Corporate program. The video above describes what we do in more detail, but this morning I would also like to walk you through how we can save big bucks for companies drowning in…
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Quarterback Ryan Tannehill Endorses Regenexx

I first met Ryan Tannehill last year when he tore his ACL. While the nature of Ryan’s tear needed surgery, we were able to help his surgical healing with a precise injection of culture-expanded stem cells. So let’s see why Ryan chose Regenexx. My First Impressions of Ryan We’ve treated many NFL players through the…
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Knee Arthritis More Severe in Those with Low Back and Knee Pain

Our orthopedic-care model has taught us that if a patient walks in with knee pain, you only perform an exam of and ask questions about the knee. However, the body is far more complex and connected, with the knee just being a specialized part of the leg, which connects to the pelvis and spine. Hence,…
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