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Knee Stem Cell X-ray Results: Watch Me Grow New Cartilage in Seconds!

Chiropractic offices offering dead stem cell procedures have been advertising before and after X-rays purporting to show that there is copious new cartilage regrowth in arthritic knees. To the uninitiated, these X-rays look amazing, but is this true, or like the idea that these are actual stem cell injections, is it a scam? Well, I…
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Don’t Count on a Knee Replacement to Improve Pain or Function

I see these ads on buses in my town with pictures of middle-aged people rock climbing with their new knee replacements. However, is this reality? For example, I’ve blogged before on research showing that many patients feel no better or have no greater function after knee replacement. And it isn’t just this one study; many…
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Osteonecrosis Treatment Without Surgery? This Is a Tough One…

Yesterday, I treated a patient at our licensed Grand Cayman advanced practice site who had at least 11 sites of a dreaded disease known as osteonecrosis. Her disease is so severe that she fractured her knee femur bone just by using a kickboard for a single lap in the pool. The orthopedic surgeons back home…
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Should You Get Knee Arthritis Nerve Treatment?

The newest craze in knee pain treatment is a knee arthritis nerve treatment. This procedure has gone from 0 to 60 in the last few years, but is it a good idea? Does it work? How long does it last? Are there better options? How the Knee Arthritis Nerve Treatment Works This new knee arthritis nerve treatment…
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Bone Cement to Treat Bone Marrow Lesions in a Knee?

One of the hottest trends in arthritis treatment right now is the idea that you need to treat bone marrow lesions if found on MRI as well as cartilage. This is a new procedure has many names. This opportunity has excited the companies that make bone cement, and they have created devices to inject this…
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Is Teen Knee Surgery Appropriate? Do Not Operate on a Meniscus Tear in an 8th Grader

One of the more harmful trends in orthopedic surgery of the last decade is treating kids like they are pro athletes. So this morning I’ll share the case of an 8th grader who tore a meniscus and began a destructive surgical rabbit hole orchestrated by the world’s best orthopedic surgeons. There are no two ways…
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Unnecessary Knee Replacements Are a Surgical Epidemic

The sales tail has always wagged the dog in medicine. Meaning sales targets for drugs and devices and aggressive sales reps have always determined more about what care is offered to patients than actual medical need. One of the biggest areas of abuse has always been orthopedics. In addition, one of the biggest abuse areas…
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Low Omega-6 to Omega-3 Ratio May Keep Knee Arthritis Pain in Check

I religiously take high-dose, high-quality fish oil on a twice-a-day basis. If I stop, it’s because I’m out, and it takes a few days, but I begin to feel like every other 50-some-year-old guy who usually pops Motrin just to get a good workout going. Is this effect for real? Many studies have shown that…
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