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Unnecessary Knee Replacements Are a Surgical Epidemic

The sales tail has always wagged the dog in medicine. Meaning sales targets for drugs and devices and aggressive sales reps have always determined more about what care is offered to patients than actual medical need. One of the biggest areas of abuse has always been orthopedics. In addition, one of the biggest abuse areas…
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Low Omega-6 to Omega-3 Ratio May Keep Knee Arthritis Pain in Check

I religiously take high-dose, high-quality fish oil on a twice-a-day basis. If I stop, it’s because I’m out, and it takes a few days, but I begin to feel like every other 50-some-year-old guy who usually pops Motrin just to get a good workout going. Is this effect for real? Many studies have shown that…
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How Much of Elective Modern Orthopedic Surgery Makes Us Worse and Not Better?

This weekend I was at a meeting where I met a colleague about my age whom I saw limping. He was heavier, stooped over, and looked physically beat up. I’ve known this person for many years, and I know that he has had a number of back and knee surgical procedures. This literally could have…
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My New ACL Stem Cell Infographic

Today, like many Americans, I have the flu. I put this together yesterday when I felt better, so here is a compilation of information and before and after MRIs of ACLs healed with our highly precise injection of high-dose bone marrow concentrate (same-day ACL stem cell procedure). Just click on the thumbnail above to see a bigger and…
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ACL Surgery Alternatives: A Stem Cell Injection Can Get Rid of an Invasive Surgery

When you first start performing a new procedure, there are lots of unknowns. For example, which type of patient will this procedure help? What’s the best technique? How durable is the result? Hence, when we first began seeking ACL surgery alternatives using precise stem cell injections in 2011, we had many more questions than answers.…
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Healing Another ACL Tear with a Precise Injection of Stem Cells

I love sharing MRIs of patients who never got ACL surgery and who instead got a precise injection of high-dose stem cells. This morning’s images are above. This patient is a bit unique in that he’s a specialist physician. Why is that important? Because physicians have been to the proverbial puppet show and have seen the…
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NSAIDs vs. Exercise for Knee Arthritis

We are an NSAID society. I can’t tell you how many 35+-year-old patients I have who rely on these anti-inflammatory drugs to function. This is often due to chronic arthritic knee pain. However, new research suggests that these patients may be better off exercising and ditching the Motrin. A Review of Exercise for Knee Arthritis…
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If You Absolutely need a Knee Replacement Acupuncture May Help Reduce Narcotic Use

Knee replacement is often billed as a sure thing treatment for knee arthritis. However, what’s interesting is that numerous studies have found an alarmingly high number of patients who are still on narcotics long after the procedure. How can you reduce this risk if you really need a knee replacement? It may be as simple…
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