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ACL Stem Cell Procedure Candidacy Tool Unveiled

I revealed, last month, that we had created a tool to be used by our network providers that would aid them in determining whether or not patients are good candidates for our ACL stem cell procedure. More specifically, it tells the doctor if the patient a good, fair, or poor candidate, for our Perc-ACLR stem…
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Regenexx SD Knee Update: Joe Young Going Strong!

We track patients in a Registry which tracks pain and function scores and outcome over time, and guides research and treatment decisions…but we love hearing directly from our pateints! This Regenexx SD knee update made us smile! Readers of this blog will remember Joseph Young. Whether you are a parent, or have a parent, I’m…
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Land like a Ballerina to Avoid Female ACL Injuries

In the United States, in over a decade, we’ve seen a greater-than 900% increase in ACL injuries in girl’s sports. Interestingly, despite this epidemic, research shows that in comparison, ballerinas rarely have ACL injuries and are certainly much less likely to injure their ACLs than other female athletes. So the question is why? The answer…
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ACL Tear Stem Cell Injection: Ultrasound vs. Fluoroscopy

There’s been a lot of controversy lately over whether an ACL Tear Stem Cell Injection can be properly performed using ultrasound. Some physicians cite a paper published in 2015 that seems to show ultrasound can get the job done, and while this may be true for intact ACLs, where injecting them from the bottom of…
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Opioids Before Knee Replacement Increase Pain After Surgery

If you have knee pain that over-the-counter medications haven’t seemed to touch, your doctor may prescribe an opioid, a more powerful narcotic medication. However, if you are considering a knee replacement, a new study suggests opioids and knee replacement is a problematic combination and you may want to rethink the opioid. In fact, you may…
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Who Will Respond to an ACL Stem Cell Procedure?

This weekend, I’ve spent hours and hours poring over more than 50 before and after MRIs from patients who have received the ACL stem cell procedure we invented. This is the world’s largest collection of data to date on what happens when stem cells are precisely injected into ACL tears. I took a few of those…
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Knee Popping After Injury? This Could be a Bad Sign…

As you get older, some of us have joints that don’t hurt but start to make noises. Remember those cute Rice Krispies guys, Snap, Crackle, and Pop? If your knees sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies or you’re dealing with knee popping after injury, according to a new study, this may mean that arthritis…
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Running on Pins and Needles: Cartilage Holes in My 17-Year-Old

Several years ago, my oldest son began reporting knee pain and limping. That began a long ordeal that finally ended yesterday. Let me explain. My Son’s Knees My oldest son is named after my father. He was a premature twin that weighed 2 pounds 4 ounces and came home from the hospital on oxygen. Hence,…
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