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MRI (My Regional Investigator)

I was lecturing at a recent medical conference where another lecturer showed a picture of a colleague’s thumb with the caption, “MRI-My Regional Investigator”.  The point was that we have become too dependant on advanced imaging in musculoskeletal diagnosis and too often, what’s seen on the MRI doesn’t represent what’s causing the patent’s pain.  Since…
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Cartilage is “Alive”…

I’ve been spending time catching up on imaging analysis of our >12 month research patient follow-ups (mostly 1-2 years out from their procedure), so expect to see more posted here this next few days-weeks. The cartilage in the knee is interesting stuff.  It’s made of cells that were once thought to be just inert material…
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Making Cartilage Better on MRI

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC’s) are a precursor to chondrocytes.  This means that they can change into cartilage cells.  The research on cartilage repair using MSC’s has exploded in recent years.  A National Library of Medicine search this morning reveals over 1,000 research papers on the topic. While you may be surprised, when it comes to…
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