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Fusion Surgery No Better than No Surgery

Does fusion surgery work? I have blogged before about the research showing that this surgery is often no better in the long-run than no surgery. However, I’ve also pointed out that surgeons have a way of interpreting data in studies that benefit their preconceived notions of efficacy. Today’s blog is about one such study which…
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Weak Neck Muscles Can Cause Shoulder Trap Pain When Lifting

I have a way of knowing when my neck nerves are ramped up and my neck stabilizers are off line. My left upper trapezius muscle gets tight. This is a super common thing and most patients believe it has something to do with the actual muscle. So they stretch it and stretch it, only for…
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Our New C0–C1 Facet Injection Paper

This past decade, a big change has occurred in neck facet-joint treatment. The art of injecting something into a facet joint has become slowly extinct, while the procedures to perform nerve ablation of painful neck joints have ramped up. This has caused a real problem as newer regenerative-medicine techniques involving stem cells and platelet rich…
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Dramatic Improvement in Severely Degenerated Cervical Joint Without Surgery

I’ve spent the last 12 years staring at MRIs before and after orthopedic stem cell treatments. I’ve seen some incredible things in many conditions and some MRIs that didn’t change. This past week, as I reviewed the MRI of a patient with a severely degenerated cervical facet joint that we had treated at our licensed facility…
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Why Do I Have Pain with Yoga, and What Can I Do About It?

You may be one of the millions who swear by the physical and mental benefits of yoga, and maybe you’ve even enjoyed the bonus of pain relief from the practice. Yoga is a vast and ancient India-originated discipline with many styles and techniques, each featuring physical, spiritual, and meditative elements. However, I’ve noticed through the…
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Should You Get Your Disc Injected with Stem Cells?

It seems to be the latest craze; all the cool providers, most after taking a weekend course, are doing it. So should you get your disc injected with stem cells? The question certainly seems simple enough; however, the answer is a bit more complex. This isn’t a new fad for us. We were the first…
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Neck Fusion Side Effects in the Low Back?

While it seems common sense that all the parts of our spine are connected, because of orthopedic hyperspecialization, most patients believe that their necks and their backs are separate areas. After all, they have different names. Adding to the long list of neck fusion side effects, a new study shows just how wrong they are…
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Reports of the Death of the C1–C2 Facet Injection Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

In 1897, Mark Twain was on a speaking tour in London when an American newspaper started a rumor that he was gravely ill. This was soon followed by an obituary. When asked by an American reporter in London about his death, Twain quipped, “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” I feel the same…
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