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Back Playing Ice Hockey After Years in the Army with Regenexx-C

Greg Reith underwent the Regenexx-C procedure as an alternative to total knee replacement surgery because the next step was to replace the knee.  “After 20 years with the U.S. Army Special Forces unit, my knees had been through jumps and other things for which a person’s body is just not made. My doctors told me at…read more

More Healing in Four Weeks with Regenexx Than in 10 Months Without!

Shannon Bock underwent the Regenexx-C procedure to deal with a non-healing fracture of her arm. as a non union fracture surgery alternative.  Her results were quite striking and are not necessarily indicative of all Regenexx-C non-healing fracture treatment. ‘Given the minimally invasive nature of the procedure and the outstanding results, I would highly recommend it…read more

Regenexx-C Back Procedure Gets Patient Back to Walking Around Again

Alice had a Regnexx-C back procedure and is apparently feeling much better!  This was her experience , and while not all Regenexx-C back procedure patients will have the same result, I am thankful for having been involved in her excitement. “Color me excited!  I feel as though you have “given me back my life.”  When I walk…read more

Improved Pain Relief and Activity After Hip AVN Stem Cell Procedure

L. B. had a Regenexx-C Hip AVN stem cell procedure.  This is L.B.’s update: “I just want to report some great progress since my AVN hip procedure.  I can now stand in place comfortably for as long as I want, which I could not do before. I can now comfortably sink down into my Tai…read more

Healing a Senior’s Pelvic Fracture

Healing a Senior’s Pelvic Fracture with Stem Cells Jane Anderson underwent the Regenexx-C procedure for a non-healing pelvic fracture. What follows is her personal experience and is not necessarily indicative of all patient’s results. “In March 2007 I fractured my pelvis in four places. I’m 82 years old, so an injury like this can be…read more
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