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Yet Another Patient Avoids Surgery: Regenexx ACL Stem Cell Procedure

Helping patients avoid knee surgery with our precise injection ACL Stem Cell Procedure is becoming so routine that I often miss the before and after images as they come in and are reviewed. The before and after above is one that I found when I asked our doctors for an image to share with a…
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Study: ACL Surgery Return to Play Shortens NBA Careers…Is There A Better Way?

Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR) surgery to treat a torn ACL has become the most popular sports-medicine procedure in America, largely because we commonly see our athletic heroes getting the procedure. However, what does the reality of ACL surgery return to play actually look like? I questioned why we were still doing ACL surgery in…
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Does a Torn ACL Require Surgery?

Does a torn ACL require surgery? Not according to these before and after MRIs showing ACL healing that are now getting pretty routine around our clinic. Orthopedic surgeons aren’t happy about it all, as ACL reconstruction surgery is like a sacred cow crossing the road in India—it’s the one procedure that defines modern orthopedic sports…
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ACL Knee Surgery Side Effects: Helping Teens Avoid the Knife

Why are we treating our kids like NFL athletes? While aggressive orthopedic surgery in kids used to be rare, these past 10 years it seems like the norm. One of the areas of pediatric orthopedic surgery that has exploded is ACL reconstruction. However, as I’ll explain, while the research is suggesting that ACL knee surgery side…
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Helping Your ACL with Stem Cells Requires a Direct Injection into the Ligament

I spoke to a woman this week who seemed confused about how stem cell injection works to help the ACL. She had been told by a physician new to stem cells that the type of general intra-articular injection he offers would repair her damaged ACL. There are a bunch of reasons why that’s not going…
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Can You Dodge ACL Surgery Arthritis? Brooke’s Story…

We’ve now officially saved many kids from ACL surgery. Why do I say “saved”? After all, isn’t ACL surgery a rite of passage for teenagers these days? They break the ligament and they get it replaced, just like inserting a new spare part? Nope. ACL surgery in a teenager is nasty business, a decision that…
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ACL Surgery Choices: A Tale of Two Grafts

When faced with ACL surgery choices, there are two types of common ACL grafts available, but is there a difference? When an ACL is reconstructed using a tendon from another human, this is called an allograft. When the ACL is reconstructed using a tendon from your own body, this is called an autograft. But the differences…
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