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ACL Surgery Return to Sports: How Do You Get Back Quicker?

One of the biggest bummers of getting ACL surgery is the time away from playing. Let’s face it, ACL surgery return to sports is awful. Most athletes don’t get back before 6 months and at that point they’re lucky to be at 50% of where they were before the injury. Is there a way to…read more

Can Patients with an ACL Tear Avoid Surgery?

One of the more astounding things I’ve seen stem cells do in my decade long use of the orthobiologic is heal ACL tears that should have needed surgery. We’ve amassed a great library of before and after films that never cease to blow me away.  However, the proof as they say is in the pudding.…read more

Our Newest Research: Knee ACL Stem Cell Injections

There are so many clinics these past several years that have popped up after the physician took a weekend course and became a self-proclaimed stem cell expert. Being the first clinic in the U.S. to treat orthopedic patients with advanced stem cells, we’ve been able to lead that growing pack by innovating and perfecting what…read more

ACL Surgery Failure: Can You Heal a Torn ACL Graft with Stem Cells?

We’ve been treating torn ACL ligaments for years without the need for surgery. An interesting problem is ACL surgery failure, or in other words the patient who has already had surgery and then tears the surgical graft. Can a super precise stem cell injection under advanced imaging guidance help these tears? This is the story…read more

Can a Precise Knee ACL Stem Cell Injection Regrow a Torn ACL?

I’ve blogged before about our great success in using knee stem cell injections to treat both full and partially torn knee ACL ligaments, without surgery. This week I received the above MRI on a patient from Singapore who didn’t want traditional surgery to remove her torn ACL, but wanted to try to heal her original equipment.…read more

ACL Surgery Return to Sports: Few Ready to Return to Play by 8 Months!

There’s a push right now in ACL surgery return to sports to shorten the time actually needed for recovery. For some surgeons, this means telling patients that they can return to sports by 6-8 months. Now a new study questions the wisdom of those recommendations. First, the ACL is a main stabilizing ligament of the knee. When…read more

Skiing with Knee Arthritis: Can Stem Cells Help?

Is skiing with knee arthritis possible? Severe knee arthritis is a tough problem. The cartilage is all gone and bone spurs have taken over. Can stem cells get patients back on their skis? When we first began stem cell injections for arthritis a decade ago, we figured that the severity of the knee arthritis would…read more

Our Knee ACL Stem Cell Procedure Featured in Local News…

We’ve been treating knee ACL tears for quite a while now with only a precise injection of stem cells. This procedure has shown some very impressive before and after results as well as the MRI images to match. Last week, without our knowledge, a high school athlete that we had treated was featured in his local paper…read more
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